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TRA Hawaiian Adventure #3, Living in a Banyan Tree!

Woooo-oooohhh – One of my dreams has come true!!  I’m excited to share this little video – I came back from the 80/10/10 community, back to Hilo and decided to climb the banyan tree you saw in my earlier video here

After considering my other options for lodging for the night I decided nothing could beat my hammock tent high up in the top of that banyan tree…. so I did it!!  I spent the night in the banyan tree and got to live my dream (if only briefly) of living in a banyan tree.  It was such a sweet experience!

After that little adventure I head to Kona – stay tuned 🙂

Wishing you much



As Always

Wishing You Much

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  1. CK

    Here is a suggestion of a spot that you might want to check out for your next adventure living in a jungle by the Gorgeous tree houses…. It looks Magical !


    To Creating an Adventurous Life with Love,


  2. Wooooohooo!!  That was EPIC.  Cool idea of grafting figs, if that is indeed possible.  Love it!  As you know, I share that passion of living in fruit-bearing trees…  If I am in Hilo again, I'll follow suit; I know that Banyon in the huge park.  🙂  Keep up the awesomeness and seeya here in Costa soon… I've been meaning to check out Finca Bella Vista too, so maybe we can roll together.  Keep me posted on yer flow bro!

    1. Thanks brother!!!

      Excited to see u soon too!! Hilo banyan living pretty tight!!!

      Will be in costa soon, Finca n then Dominical n then back to finca before home to canada. 3 weeks total, Ill be honest I wish to travel n roam as little as possible feeling much more mellow n homebodyish ahhhhh

      See u soon g!!

      much love ck

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