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First we Start off with my 5 Top tips for staying Warm on a raw diet in the winter. I gathered these from years of experience myself as well as through talking with and helping others.  

Watch to the end for a Bonus Recipe from the hit Ebook 

“101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes!”¬†

I have found that on average it takes 1-2 years as a 100% Raw Foodist for most people to adjust to their lower blood pressure and body temperature that is the norm as a 811rv. Today the general public’s Body temperature is just above 98 degree’s, the average for a Simple Raw food Vegan is 97.2 degrees. Most people today are running a slight fever from the slew of ¬†toxemia their body is forced to dealing with. From stimulants, to chemical additives and the ramifications from the cooking process.

Note that you can measure a rapid rise in white blood cells as well as blood pressure after eating  cooked meal, the very same as if a virus or pathogen was taken in. With a simple raw food meal there is no such bodily action.

To the Tips n recipe!

Tip #1

Stay Inside, or Dress Appropriately with warm clothes when outside!

Tip # 2


A sure way to Raise your Body Temperature, Improve your overall Health n Fitness as well as increase your Circulation!

Tip # 3

Make sure your eating enough Calories!

On average at least 100 – 300 Cal more than during the summer, the body has to burn calories to keep warm!

Tip # 4

Warm Soups, Stews and Casseroles in a dehydrator or gently on a low setting on a stove top on really cold days

Tip # 5

Enjoy some “Hot Chocolate” or some Quality “Herbal Tea Datorade” mmmm

Hot Chocolate

1 lb. fresh dates 

1- 1.25 Liter’s Hot Water

1-2 Tbsp Raw Carob Powder

Pit the dates (I like medjule / khdrawy / halawy / barhi) and place them in the blender with the raw carob powder. Bring water just close to a boil, pour over dates and Blend Baby Blend!

Approx. 1400 calories

p.s to be really fancy dehydrate little Baby banana chunks and place in Hot Chocolate like “marshmallows”

I hope you really love love loved the video n find the tips n recipe mmmm n helpful!!
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