Staying Raw and Keeping Warm in the Winter, Plus a Recipe!

Got a sweet little treat for you, quite literally!!! Oh my 🙂

First we Start off with my 5 Top tips for staying Warm on a raw diet in the winter. I gathered these from years of experience myself as well as through talking with and helping others.  

Watch to the end for a Bonus Recipe from the hit Ebook 

“101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes!” 

I have found that on average it takes 1-2 years as a 100% Raw Foodist for most people to adjust to their lower blood pressure and body temperature that is the norm as a 811rv. Today the general public’s Body temperature is just above 98 degree’s, the average for a Simple Raw food Vegan is 97.2 degrees. Most people today are running a slight fever from the slew of  toxemia their body is forced to dealing with. From stimulants, to chemical additives and the ramifications from the cooking process.

Note that you can measure a rapid rise in white blood cells as well as blood pressure after eating  cooked meal, the very same as if a virus or pathogen was taken in. With a simple raw food meal there is no such bodily action.

To the Tips n recipe!

Tip #1

Stay Inside, or Dress Appropriately with warm clothes when outside!

Tip # 2


A sure way to Raise your Body Temperature, Improve your overall Health n Fitness as well as increase your Circulation!

Tip # 3

Make sure your eating enough Calories!

On average at least 100 – 300 Cal more than during the summer, the body has to burn calories to keep warm!

Tip # 4

Warm Soups, Stews and Casseroles in a dehydrator or gently on a low setting on a stove top on really cold days

Tip # 5

Enjoy some “Hot Chocolate” or some Quality “Herbal Tea Datorade” mmmm

Hot Chocolate

1 lb. fresh dates 

1- 1.25 Liter’s Hot Water

1-2 Tbsp Raw Carob Powder

Pit the dates (I like medjule / khdrawy / halawy / barhi) and place them in the blender with the raw carob powder. Bring water just close to a boil, pour over dates and Blend Baby Blend!

Approx. 1400 calories

p.s to be really fancy dehydrate little Baby banana chunks and place in Hot Chocolate like “marshmallows”

I hope you really love love loved the video n find the tips n recipe mmmm n helpful!!
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