Transitional Raw Vegan Bolognese Pasta

This recipe is so good I felt a need to leak it from my upcoming book series “TRA Retreat Treats”
Enjoy the Video!

Starting with tons of home time antics enjoying time with my family. The kids get some good airtime enjoying wrestling silliness and party time! I unveil My Bolognese deluxe for my family with great success especially with the “Sunflower Rawmesan Cheese”!

Peep the video for the full recipe breakdown, trust me its worth it! 🙂

Miss my family so much, always the best to visit hard to leave.
Back in La the same antics pop up, picking up produce lots of skateboarding fun and sharing recipes. Another round of DC commercial shoots although I have to keep it top secret until their air date. Look out for a full on behind the scenes DC commercial video in the next while. Deathwish pro Jim Greco invited me out for a street session filming mission, you will have to watch to see.
Helena, Pheobe, and I get together for a Raw Vegan Bolognese feast while Tim tries Pineapple guava for the first time. The next day A bunch of us met up and went fruit foraging again for white sapote at the griffith park observatory and enjoyed a picnic in the sun. Stacy Jackson of is the director of the group and holds raw recipe demos and workshops!
Ka Sundance and I talk on Skype in preparation for his Raw retreat in Costa Rica and he does a interview of me on his site (which is already up here a few posts ago. Check Ka out at
Last but not least I set up a home gymnastics pommel horse in the back of the Berrics. Its a really great workout, lots of fun and easy to make! Give it a go!
Apologies for the sloppy writing ahahah once again ikes!

Been a busy Chris, in time I will clean this up 🙂

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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