NYC Frickin’ Fruitluck 2012, 2013 Signup n Hype!

Woodstock Fruit Festival

Enjoy with us at the NYC Frickin Fruitluck 2013 by Joining at the

NYC Frickin Fruitluck Facebook Page Here..

Spread this post and/or the Facebook Page everywhere Lets Make both events bigger than ever, last years Fruitluck had over 100 people at the height.. Check the video n get more info below!!

So so excited for the Woodstock Fruit Festival this Year, IF you haven’t signed up yet…

Do so now, seriously so so so epic, expecting 5-7 hundred people, all the pioneers of the fruity raw food movement Such as


Dr Douglas Graham, Durianrider, Megan Elizabeth, Don Bennett, Grant Campbell, Anne Osborn, Freelee, Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, Mike Vlasaty, Dr SAM, Tony Wright, Richard Lockhart, Karen Ranzi, Chris Randall, Dan The Man Mcdonald, Ellen Livingston, John Kohler..

and many more epic Pioneers giving tons of talks, putting on little events, music, exercise classes, Races, yoga, dance and of course all the fresh ripe raw fruits and veggies you can eat!!


I will Be working as the Head Chef along Side Megan Elizabeth, Flowing out amazing Dinners every Night!

kendalini yoga

I will also beTeaching Kendalini, Kundalini and Raw Power Yoga

working the blender with my mind

as well as Offering 2 Talks and a Food Demo!!!

Will be A Busy and amazing Time!!!

On To the NYC Frickin Fruitluck 2013!!

This Years NYC Frickin’ Fruitluck will be held in the same Place and Space as Last years Frickin Fruitluck, Wed August 28th In Sheep’s Meadow, Central Park NYC.


Starting at 11:11am for a Free Kendalini Yoga Class, Fruitluck Loosely around then and Officially at 12:12pm with a epic Durian Showdown, This is a Durian Encouraged Event!!

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 9.34.26 PM

No need bring anything other than your Favourite Whole Fresh Raw Ripe Fruits and Vegetables, No need for special dishes, cutlery and or bowls, Lets just smash it proper with our hands!! Many of the Pioneers from The Woodstock Fruit Festival will be glowing and still I the afterglow of the festival, If you are unable to make it to One be sure to check the other and enjoy the Sweet Company!


Really Hope you enjoy the Video, the Pics and That We enjoy together at the

Woodstock Fruit Festival and the NYC Frickin’ Fruitluck!!


Wishing your Much

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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