Grow in Gratitude

Happy Canada Day Everyone! 🙂

As today suggests, its a time of Celebration and being Thankful for what we have!!!

We are so truly blessed to live where we do and have the opportunities we have. High quality of life, a safe environment, freedom of travel, abundant nutritious food choices, family, friends, so many personal freedoms, really unlimited potential and so much more, we are so fortunate. Of course we don’t need a special day to celebrate, or feel thankful, this is one of the cornerstones of true happiness and in turn true health.

Every day is a new day to be thankful and truly be grateful for our many blessings.

Everything is connected, and everything is related to each other. That goes within your being, your thoughts, actions, and words, and also within the external we see around us. Its helpful to understand that our thoughts, or what we put our focus on dictates our being or level of happiness and ease in this world. When we come from a place of being grateful, and feeling blessed, focusing on all that we have to be thankful for, and the truth that others are in reality the same as us, we are filed with love, compassion, and light.

Such a shift can seem strange at first, but not unlike any change, you have to try it on for a while before you feel at home within it. Think about it, some foods require a few tries, or some time to allow your body to better recognize and enjoy (durian seems to fit this), some exercises, or clothing, and indeed thoughts fit this same pattern. We get accustomed to what we do the majority of the time. They say it takes 20-30 days to make any new pattern a habit. This is such a blessing in itself, we can break and make new habits so easily when our focus is on the benefits we will and indeed are gaining day by day.

Would you rather sit in a habit or attitude that doesn’t serve you indefinitely, or for a short while initiate and try on change, possibly bearing some momentary discomfort, and become what you know serves your highest self? Wether its a new exercise routine, changing our eating habits, improving our relationships or communication, slowing down to breathe and see the beauty all around us, or a often overlooked changing of our mental self image and inner talk about ourselves and our surroundings, all it takes is desire and to simply do it. Even when it feels different funny or silly at first, it only takes time, patience with yourself, and persistence until you will become your desires and feel at ease in your new self.

Our world is literally shaped by our thoughts, we decide what’s possible and impossible within our own minds, its true we create so much more of our reality than we are aware of. I recently listened to a beautiful quote from Gandhi “Happiness is when what you think, what you do, and what you say, are in harmony.” I find this so poignant and eye opening. As all is connected, internal harmony is truly a large precursor to happiness. There is so much external in this world we cannot control, why not shift our attention to ourselves work with what we can.

When we realize that our happiness, addictions, habits, and state of being depends not on what happens to us, but how we react to what happens to us, we become self empowered by choice. Everything is choice, we stand to benefit from everything this world gives us. I believe  we are here in fact to experience, learn, feel, and most of all help others and in turn grow in love and compassion.

I have often found ease in my own mantra, “seek comfort in everything”, I now love change where I used to be resistant, change is the only constant, and through change we grow.

Giving into the flow, being grateful by seeing the positive and potential to learn in every situation can indeed be life altering and illuminating.

To growth 🙂

Hope you all have a great day and feel and find reason to celebrate and be thankful for every day as the present it is 🙂

As always enjoy much

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As Always

Wishing You Much

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