Kendall Bites, Simple Raw Pancakes for Dr Sam’s Retreat!

Wow already time for another Kendall Bite, this Time Sharing A simple Raw Vegan Recipe for…… Banana Pancakes!!!! 

***Plus a Bonus Video from Dr Douglas Graham’s FoodnSport Channel!!***

So so much Fun to share the sweet times at Dr Sam’s Retreat,

Loving every minute of it in fact!!

I hope you really love love the Kendall Bite as well as the Simple Raw Recipe for Banana Pancakes!! 🙂

***p.s Look below to see why I feel honored to be in a new Video From Dr Douglas Grahams Foodnsport.com youtube channel ***

“How Much Fruit Is Too Much? Dr. Graham, Durianrider, Chris Kendall, 80/10/10”

Raw Vegan Banana Pancakes (8 medium Pancakes)

12 – 15+ ripe Burro Banana’s

1/4 cup Raw Whole Chia Seeds 

Blend enough Ripe Burro Banana’s (large dense banana, often found in asian markets) to fill the two litter vitamix container. If using a different type of blender you will want to do it in two batches and grind the chia in a coffee grinder. Add the Chia to the Banana mixture and blend until very smooth. This is really really thick you will want to use your tamper or otherwise blend in two batches. Let sit and set for 5 minutes to thicken up.  You can optionally add cinnamon and or raisins or whole blue berries. Pour the thick “batter” onto Teflex lined dehydrator trays, 4 per tray (if your using the Large Excalibur dehydrator) attempting to make then as thick as possible. I find I can make 8 per 2 litres of “Batter”. Use a spoon if needed to smooth out the centre, perk up the sides and make a more perfectly round shape. Dehydrate for 8 – 12 hours or until fairly dry with a thick skin on top. Place another Tray without the teflex on top of the Pancakes and flip the screen. This is where watching the video comes in handy!! Slowly peel off the Teflex sheet and unveil your nearly done raw vegan banana pancakes!! Dehydrate 2 – 3 hours further until you can pick them up without them stretching or falling apart. 

Serve with any of the  following, Mango Date Syrup, Peach apricot Syrup… coconut water… Banana Ice cream… Banana smoothie… sliced sweet/sub acid fruit…. sweet celery slaw….  Sweet stacks…. etc.

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Dr Samuel Arthur Mielcarski has been a low fat raw vegan for over 12 years and has had over 15 years as a health and rehabilitation specialist.

His amazing book (and Ebook) “Dr SAM’s Revolutionary Rehab Manual” has changed many lives for the better,

I love it so so much I am now a affiliate for his book!

Check out the full interview I did with Dr Sam Here!  

So so stoked to be a part of this awesome video with Dr Douglas Graham,

Author of “the 80/10/10 diet” and Durian Rider called 

“How Much Fruit Is Too Much? Dr. Graham, Durianrider, Chris Kendall, 80/10/10” 

Dr Douglas Graham is the Creator of “The 80/10/10 Diet“, a book I can’t recommend Highly enough.

Doug has impacted my life more than nearly anyone beyond my immediate family, really bringing congruency common sense simplicity and science into the raw food lifestyle, I feel so honoured to call him both my friend and Mentor.

Durian Rider, Dr Doug and I are all dubbed 80/10/10 Allstars in this video and it comes with a really cool Star Trek Theme!!

I gotta Say I love love love it!!!

Bless you times 1000 Doug, Kevin (Video filmed editor and awesome g) and the whole of Foodnsport!

I had such a awesome awesome Time with you all at the 80/10/10 Culinary Skills Week as well as your 811rv Health and Fitness Week!!

I will be Posting videos of Both 80/10/10 events soon!! 🙂

Enjoy the Video Tons!!!

Much much






As Always

Wishing You Much

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