The Almighty Vitamix Blender versus the Flexzion Vacuum Blender!!

Who will Win?!

Video includes 4 recipes made with both blenders for comparison plus my point by point breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of each, then I declare the winner!

(Recipes and pictures comparing the difference between the two Below)

Incase you missed it check out the last video I did with John Kohler all about Vacuum Blending in general


I hope you really enjoy this post all about vacuum blenders and from it feel like you have a better idea for yourself if they are worth it or not.

One of the main things I wanted to present in this video is that getting a vacuum blender, or even a quality blender like the Vitamix, need not be a concern or stress, but rather to raise awareness on the advantages of vacuum blending.

If it’s in your budget and you are looking for a way to take your nutrition to the next level, just as John said

  1. Look to increase the quality of the food you are eating by growing your own, getting organic and from farmers markets as much as possible, and then
  2. Looking into getting a vacuum blender like the Flexzion above or any that suits your needs the most!

Check out the Flexzion Vacuum Blender on Amazon for around $99 – $150


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Check out other blenders and vacuum blender options (including a vacuum jug that fits on the vitamix) with many video reviews and more on Johns shop Here!

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ok ok ok I know that was shameless, now to the smoothie recipes!!

For each recipe I divided the ingredients equally between the two blenders dividing each fruit in half to get the exact same mix, for example I cut each apple and orange in half in order to fairly compare tastes and texture. As it shows in the video I blended both smoothies for the same length of time for fairness, one could say you wouldnt need blend the vitamix smoothie for as long to get the same texture, which is fair, but this is how I deemed the comparison most fair.
These smoothies taste great in both machines, but do have a different taste and texture.

Smoothie #1

Blended Orange Smoothie!

Oranges and/or Mandarins

Peel the oranges and/or mandarins, add to the blender and blend till smooth, enjoy!

This picture was taken 2 hours after making the smoothie, the brighter orange on the left is with the flexzion vacuum blender and the one on the right with the Vitamix. The Vitamix makes a more frothy orange smoothie that warmed up significantly more from the blending. The Flexzion produced a more juicy flavourful blended orange smoothie that felt wetter.

Smoothie #2

Banana Grape Smoothie (per smoothie)

Bananas – 6

Grapes – 3.5 cups

You can use any amounts of either ingredient, I typically like 1/2 and 1/2 with green seedless grapes but any seedless grape will do. If you use seeded grapes remove the seeds before blending. Add the grapes to the blender first, peel the bananas and add them to the blender as well. Blend till smooth and enjoy!

This Picture was taken 2 hours making the smoothie. The smoothie on the left is the flexzion smoothie and the one on the right is the vitamix smoothie. Similar to the first smoothie the flexzion produced a more flavourful, wet feeling cooler and juicier smoothie, the vitamix smoothie felt a bit more frothy. As you can see the color was lighter and in fact more yellow with the flexzion while the smoothie in the vitamix browned a bit more.

Smoothie # 3

Orange Pina Spinach Smoothie (per smoothie)

Oranges – 5 navel

Pineapple – 300 grams

Spinach – 73 grams

You can use any ratio of these three ingredients,  but I used 5 navel oranges, 300 grams of pineapple and 73 grams of spinach in each for each blender. Peel the oranges, add to the blender, chop some pineapple and add to the blender then add the spinach. Blend till smooth and enjoy!

This Picture was taken 2 hours making the smoothie. The smoothie on the left is the flexzion smoothie and the one on the right is the vitamix smoothie. In the video you can really tell the difference in color between the two, the flexzion blender producing a much deeper green, more flavourful, denser and wetter juicy feeling smoothie. The Vitamix smoothie was still really good but was less vibrant with a mellower frothier taste.

Smoothie #4

Apple Pie Smoothie (per smoothie)

Dates – 300 grams

Apple – 1

Cinnamon – 1/2 tsp

Nutmeg – dash

I recommend using softer dates to make it easier on the blenders, otherwise pit and pre soak the dates a bit if they are harder. Pit the dates and add to the blender, core and dice the apple, add to the blender along with the cinnamon and nutmeg. Blend till smooth and enjoy!

This Picture was taken 2 hours making the smoothie. The smoothie on the left is the flexzion smoothie and the one on the right is the vitamix smoothie. You can really notice the difference in separation and color here. The flexzion was smoother and tasted like date juice, after 2 hours there was very little separation. The vitamix produced a more foamy feeling and tasting date smoothie and due to that was lighter in color and showed major separation over time, truthfully it was separated like this within 20 minutes with the top being essentially foam and the bottom water. The flexzion was a clear winner here.

So Who WON?!

This is a really tough one as I am a huge huge fan of the vitamix, I have been using them for over 17 years, am a affiliate and do feel they are the best quality blender out there today. But when it comes down to it one has to consider every aspect and fairly contrast and compare. Lets go point for point.

Ease of Use

For this, the Vitamix wins hands down. It is quicker to make the smoothies, it’s so powerful you can just throw the fruits and veg in there and if its having a hard time you an use the tamper to push the food into the blades. The Flexzion is a bit more finicky, you really need to cut up or tear up the ingredients, especially those closest to the blades in order to make sure that it blends smooth. In some cases I needed to pick up the flexzion blender in order to shake it and get it to blend, a few times (making smoothies outside of this video) I have had to stop the flexzion blender completely and use a knife and spoon to make it work. If you pre chop and shake it then there is no problem but between this and the longer process to make the smoothie in general with the vacuum time, the Vitamix Gets this Point!

Smoothie Taste / Texture / Color

In this instance the Flexzion vacuum blender wins hands down. For each smoothie it was a visibly more vibrant color, had a “wetter” more juicy texture and the taste was more flavourful and strong, you can really taste the ingredients at a deeper level. The vitamix still makes a tasty smooth smoothie but when you have them side by side, and even more so when you have used the vacuum blender for a week and then try a vitamix smoothie, you REALLY notice a big difference. Flexzion vacuum blender gets this point.

Cost, Value and Warranty

This one is tough and in truth could technically go either way, the Flexzion is around $99 – $150 with a 1 year warranty while the vitamix can range from $350 – $800+ and comes with a 7 year warranty. Both have great customer support and honour their warranty often going above and beyond. In the video and from my perspective with the long term track record of vitamix, their much longer warranty and due to having less moving parts / things that can get broken (such as the vacuum components or the seal) I feel that vitamix wins this round. One could say that the flexzion is cheaper so it wins, but, it may be that one would have to buy 2-5 flexzions to last the same length of time one vitamix would, only time will tell with this. I give this to Vitamix!

SO with all of that considered WHO WON?

Even though the vitamix one 2 out of the 3 points above I still would say that

the Flexzion Vacuum Blender wins overall! 

At least when thinking of what I want Right Now, and the result of the blending is concerned. For myself after tasting the difference and knowing the difference in nutrition, multiple studies have shown a smoothie blended under vacuum can retain 3 times the antioxidant capacity for vitamin C and 2 X the Vitamin A as well as the polyphenol content and more, I simply prefer the vacuum blender and do not want to go back.

This means for me, I will be using the flexzion in any recipe that I can, some its way easier in the vitamix and some I can’t do in the flexzion (such as nice cream, pizza crusts, certain super super thick sauces), and I am also currently playing with a hack to make my vitamix a vacuum blender. When I travel I will likely compromise but if I am anywhere for a very long time I will likely either buy a vacuum blender or do a hack to make the blender there under vacuum. Speaking of that remember John Kohler has options to make your vitamix a vacuum blender and to many other vacuum blenders visit Johns shop Here!.

This is fairly new technology and as more and more people try and see the difference more and more demand will grow as will the options and quality. Its my hope that vitamix makes its own vacuum blender unit or container in the future and as this happens I will try to be among the first to update you.

Until then Stay Tuned for my affordable Vitamix Hack video, please don’t stress over vacuum blending or worry too much, if your eating fruits and veggies and blending or juicing with any machine your doing AMAZING and getting in tons of great nutrition. Consciousness over concern, I simply wanted to show how powerful vacuum blenders can be and the differences between the two when put side by side!

If your interested in getting either of these two blenders and want to support my banana habit…

Check out the Flexzion Vacuum Blender on Amazon for around $99 – $150


Or, Grab the tried and true Vitamix with its 7 year warranty and FREE shipping Here

I hope you enjoyed the vs video as well as enjoy the recipes shared, which do you think won and what do you think of the video?!
Let me know in the comments below.

As always

wishing you much
PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck