The Fruit Vampire!

Bringing you a sweet post just before I get really busy with Ka Sundances Raw Transformation retreat here in Costa Rica!!

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“Ohh baby I like it Raw”, “Raw to the Core” and much much more!!!

So much fun and helpful info in this blog I know you will love it 🙂


So we start out with the Official Fruit Vampire ahhhh ahah 🙂

I really do love mango’s 🙂

Leading into my book signing / talk at Yas yoga and spin studio! I really want to thanks Kimberly Fowler (the creator or yas) as well as everyone at Yas who helped me put this event on! So very thankful, its was really great to get a chance to meet others, spread the message of health, flow some books and shirts and grow in speaking experience, truly a blessing. SO much love to Yas, thier studios are really great, I really gained much and lost lots of sweat there ahhaah. I especially love their yoga for athletes! With one studio in Silverlake one in venice and another downtown LA anyone in the area can find a spot. Check them out Here 🙂

I love riding my bike no matter where I am, Its such great exercise and fun. I find it a joy to find chin-up bars skate spots and tons of stuff on the fly. Peep my bike shop and favorite chin bar on the road from my consult Steve Berra to The Berrics!

A good friend of mine Jaime Tanscowny just went pro for one of the best companies in skateboarding Zero Skateboards. I felt really blessed to get to go to his going pro party in Huntington beach at the red room. It really was a treat to see him, meet his girl and hang with his mom Carol aka Mama T 🙂 Reminiscing on old times when he was 10 and we skateed together, at one point he thought I was big time! ahha Its really was a blast and joy to see a friend so deserving reach such Heights. Love ya brother so stoked for you!!

A simple recipe often is the best one, love to share my love of Heirloom Tomato Stew!! So simply delicious!!

My friend Neil from crooks skate shop came by The Berrics to skate and interview me for his upcoming web site (more on that soon). Before skating he wanted to check out my Henessy Hammock, a self contained light and quick hammock tent. It really is one of my fave dwellings I travel with it all the time at the time I had it hanging in the rafters at The Berrics. Right now I have it hanging in Costa Rica at Finca da Vida to sleep during Ka Sundance’s Raw transformation retreat!! More on that soon too! 🙂

The video rounds off with fun at the airport, fun being work and travel two things I actually Love!

Home time starts out with much fun at Bonanza, a great buffet style restaurant where we all get what we want!! Mountains of honeydew please!!! 🙂

wee! Hope you enjoyed it!

back to the retreat!


As Always

Wishing You Much

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