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Raw Talk: Why Low Fat Raw Vegan? LIVE All Star Panel!

This Epic new segment “Raw Talk” features me as the host with an All Star Long Term Raw Vegan Panel Discussion going into the benefits and nuances of a low fat raw vegan diet!

Featured guests for this first episode include Dr Douglas Graham, Karen Ranzi, Melissa Maris, Petr Cech, Louise Koch, Jesse and Reny Bogdanovich, between everyone there is over 165+ years of living a raw food lifestyle!

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Click the Bell “Set Reminder” to be notified at 10 am PST October 20th when go live!

** Be sure to ask any questions you have ahead of time in the comments below the video that you want answered in the livestream.

You can ask a question for any individual or for the whole panel, we will also answer some questions live.

SO excited to enjoy it with you! 

As Always

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