Big # 30, im 30 this will be my only video blog that matches my age! wow Ultra Special to the max! 🙂

ahah To celebrate its a fun one filled with tons of fruit foraging and fun facts 🙂

Enjoy it tons!

So we start off with My Brother from another Mother Bram Making a kick butt Mono mango soup!

Thanks bradah, i know your wee ones loved it, we get to see Austin spoon a bunch up with gusto 🙂

3 Aberrican me’s Unite for a Berrics pre screening of  Inception! Pretty darn cool movie 🙂

After the movie we all went out to a restaurant where a great Raw social Circumstance ensues. I ordered a plain salad without dressing, it came really late with a crazy dressing on it. Because nearly everyone at the table was near done I simply sent the salad back and asked it be taken off the tab. It really wasn’t a stress or worry as its just one meal, I knew fruit when I got home would be even better 🙂 Then I remembered I had a plantain in the car mmmmmmm all for me!

Next I bring you the sweetness of Steve Berra’s front yard!! So much to forage! From Liliko’i to 2 kinds of figs, to blackberries! Down the street Courtney n I found some Cactus fruit, or Tuna as called in mexico. Our evening journey brought us to a amazing house surrounded by banana tree’s (Actually the worlds biggest herbs!) and a huge garden. Across from the garden of eden house was the best Mandarin’s I have ever had. After all that foraging we enjoyed a nice avocado 🙂

To finish up the vid i bring you The Berrics garage sale! Over a thousand kids showed up, peep the madness! 🙂

Hope you really enjoyed the vid!!

I plan to pump out a bunch more videos double time to catch right up, Right now I am two months behind!

Wow, what a busy summer, time to put the work horse hat on n push it into overdrive ahah 🙂

Much much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck