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Mexico Madness, Super Sexy Swimwear, a Lunch Recipe n Hot tips for Dinners out!

Ohh the end of my 1st week and the madness of the first half of my 2nd week in Puerto Vallarta!!

Check out my adventures around Puerto Vallarta – a little shopping at the local farmers market and some super sexy shorts 🙂

Enjoy breakfasts, a New Sweet Lunch Recipe and 3 nights out showing tips, extreme silliness, beach fun n more with my Folks n Aunt n Uncle!!

Final few days before heading to Cancun for my Big

Gateway to the Golden Age Retreatat https://CasaAxisMundi.com !!
Still a few spots for my Costa Rica Retreat in Jan 5th

Super Sweet Tropical Cereal!!

2-3 cups JackFruit

8 Baby Banana’s

15 Dates

2 cavendish Banana’s

Make sure there are no seeds in your jackfruit (find at Asian supermarkets, probably frozen, unless in tropics or jet flown), Roughly chop and add to a big bowl. Slice 1/4 ” slices of the baby banana’s and add to the bowl, reserving one for the sauce. Pit and chop the dates adding to the bowl. Blend the Cavendish banana’s with the one remaining Baby Banana, Blend adding a splash of water if necessary or desired. Pour over the Sweetness in the bowl n serve with a spoon. MMMMMM

(approx. 1300 Calories)

much much


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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