Water fasting day 7,8,9!

Todays video starts off with day 8, a dark n dismal day and then goes into day 9, light n n exfoliating! 🙂

Day 7 disappeared… im just as confused as you are!

Hope you enjoy it along with the Skin Brushing info! 🙂

Into day 8, another dark emotion filled day a day of acceptance.

I look like a Sith lord all hooded and dark, oh my!!!

Spending a lot of time with myself the last few days, been a process of relaxing and calmly observing  my thoughts emotions and energy coming more and more to loving all. I feel truly blessed, all in its perfect place and time. When we can come to see all thought, all emotion all situations as perfection inherent in our process. Perfection in the process!

All experience for the sake of experience for a more clear enlightened choice. Delving deep into our tissues and emotions in a fast such as this, everything is bound to come up. Dark emotions and thoughts come, its whether we see them accept them and let them go, or rather lock on to them with graspingness, fear and judgement that they effect us or helps us rise up!

Its through gratitude for all, acceptance and love through clearly seeing the gift of all of reality that we come to a state of bliss, a state of oneness. A process of continually choosing, they say the difference between the student and the master is that ” the master keeps choosing the same thing over and over again” hmm. What are you going to choose?

I wish to share with you all the sweetness of Skin Brushing 🙂

Dry skin brushing can be a really awesome addition to your lifestyle. A old practice backed up by application as well as science. Its a fact that you skin is your largest elimination organ, amazing to note that it releases a pound of waste each day! As it is the quickest to regenerate (that we see) it typically is also the first organ to show symptoms of imbalance or toxicity. Its so amazing as I always find that within the first 2 – 3 weeks one goes on a 100% raw diet the entire skin lofts of a layer and becomes much more smooth and clear, often lips drying then softening.

The skin has been called the 3rd kidney as it eliminates up to a quarter of our toxemia from the body (the lungs are the 2nd kidney). Without healthy clear clean skin we cannot efficiently release toxins, this can contribute to rashes, acne, hives, itchiness, body odour, or even eczema and psoriasis. Of course the internal environment is of the utmost importance in this, clean on the inside less to deal with on the outside. The raw diet is by far the best diet for skin health available to us. All that said skin brushing can help clear dead skin cells, excreted wastes and external pollution (including dirt and skin care products (I don’t recommend)) that can build up and clog your pores. Clogged pores inhibit your skin from effectively releasing toxins. Exposure to sunshine also helps our body detoxify and eliminate toxemia found on the surface of the skin. Sunscreens, oils and body creams can not only disrupt this but also create much more of a problem than one could think. I write much about this in my “10 Sure Shot Ways to Drastically Improve your Health” ebook available for free when you sign up to my mailing list here.

To a extent if toxins are unable to escape through the skin they then can be either stored in fat cells adding to cellulite and other fatty deposits, or they re-circulate back into the blood stream to the kidneys, liver and other detox organs. Skin brushing, sunbathing, exercise as well as bathing and a water and nutrient rich raw diet can do wonders for your skin health facilitating all of the above!

Exfoliating the skin is great for creating radiant and vibrant looking skin, skin brushing is a great way to accomplish this. Most people don’t know it’s also an excellent tool to help increase circulation, strengthen the immune system, stimulate the nervous system, tone the muscles and improve digestion? Here is a list of some of the benefits of dry skin brushing:

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Stimulates blood and lymph flow.
  • Stimulates the hormone and oil glands
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Stimulates the nervous system, tones the muscles, tightens the skin
  • Nurtures your body

You can use any brush or better yet a natural loofa like I have!!

  1. Brush your dry body before you shower or bathe, most enjoy it in the morning.
  2. Start at your hands or feet best for sure to brush toward your heart. Use brisk circular motions or long, even strokes.
  3. Brush all the way up your legs, then over your abdomen, buttocks, and back. If you have cellulite on your hips and thighs, concentrate their a little longer. Apparently to help the dissolving of cellulite, brush for 10 minutes daily for several months.
  4. Brush lightly on sensitive areas like breasts and more firmly on areas like soles of the feet.
  5. When you reach your arms, begin at your fingers and brush up your arms, toward your heart. Brush your shoulders and chest down, always toward your heart.
  6. Avoid brushing anywhere the skin is broken or where you have a rash, infection, cut or wound.
  7. Finish by taking a shower and if you choose, use cold/hot therapy to further stimulate the lymphatic system and improve circulation.
  8. Exercises such as rebounding, jogging, playing, jumping, anything that creates increased blood flow and a up and down motion helps with lymphatic drainage. Enjoy it all!! 🙂

While some rigid techniques give a set number of strokes or can even take a 1/2 hour to complete I believe in moving fluidly in the moment, taking the time and the number of strokes that feel good to you. 5 minutes can be all it takes, even a quick minute or two can have a profound effect. Remember this is but one useful tool, the more you have in your tool belt the better equipt you are for self and others.

I hope you enjoyed this, taking the time to pamper ourselves is quite  gift, one that is energetically felt within our entire beings, Go ahead pamper yourself, your worth it 🙂

Much much

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Hi Chris,

    Well done so far on your detox, you must have incredible will power. I just wanted to know how long you plan on fasting & After about a week dont you think your body needs some nutrients to function well?

    God Bless!


    1. Blessings Nicole!!!
      Thanks much, in reality only the first few days require will power after that food isnt so appealing, whats more appealing for some is escape from the quiet, escape from feeling. All in its place. The fast has no set length rather flowing intuitively. No worries about nutrient stores, we are well equipped to fast for over a month in fact if reasonably healthy most of us months. The purpose of the fast is to rest mind you, I wouldn’t recommend people to fast long term and still stay active. Much
      Peacelovenseasonalfruit ck

  2. Thanks again for you opening up and sharing, this was very much needed and well recieved. you made me relieze that i have been clinging and hanging on to things for a long time now and it has taken over my life, i now feel and hear and see how it has affected me and others around me. letting go and really seeing it without judgement is hard for a heart that needs reasoning but you have opened the doors for me leading me to a different part of my heart where acceptance lies and now has awaken



    1. Blessings Shelley, more than my pleasure, much love to you for sharing your truths and realizations, in doing so helping us all shine on!! 🙂

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