Raw Lifestyle on The Cooking Channel!

This past summer my good friend Stacey Jackson invited me over to be a part of a segment she was blessed to be a part of with the Cooking Channel!

It was in a series called “My life in Food, Extreme diets “ featuring 2 people per 1/2 hour show from vastly different lifestyles and diets. Stacey lives the low fat raw vegan lifestyle 80/10/10 styles as I do and was featured as fruitarian.

The other fellow in the segment was a bug eater, ahah ok so he cooked up some crickets and spiced em to make his dishes. For time and ease we simply took his bit out ahha 🙂

Enjoy the show!

Basically the show takes a sneak peak into Stacey’s life as a raw foodist, sharing her ideals and beliefs. Feeling blessed Stacey chose to spend the day with Helena and I, thanks again Stacey.

Together we went fruit foraging, the way the segment and music are composed makes us look criminal ahah. In reality we had talked to the owners of most the houses we foraged from (I recommend doing so), excepting one I had staked out for a month n saw all go to waste.  We had a pre picked banana receem (stalk of banana’s) that I brought and pretended to pick on camera.

Although it appears we foraged and then made food we actually did it in reverse order due to light that day. Stacey made a amazing meal which we shared and talked over. Tis really funny the bits of conversations they chose to use haha love it!

Hope you enjoy it tons! 🙂


As Always

Wishing You Much

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  1. Loved it Chris… Loved the disclaimers about the suspicious criminal sounding music too! ( because i saw the original version and yes, indeed, it did make you guys look way more seedy ( ha! get it, seedy.. :)) than you are… Shame on the producers…

    Oh, also glad you “edited out” the bug eater, in my original viewing of the full version, he was very soon fast forwarded through… Much easier to just have you cut it out for me…

    xx to you 🙂

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