Getting Frickin’ Rawsome in Victoria

This weeks video is following my flow as I travel throughout Victoria B.C Canada.

Hold on to your hats, its a fun one! 🙂

enjoy the Video!! 🙂

Wowser, this one is chalk full!!

We have The awesomeness that is Victoria, thanks ma n pa for the fun!

Starting with a Frickin Fruitluck at Coombs, a nice little “hippy” town in the middle of Victoria Island. One of my favorite markets on the island, well anywhere is Coombs “Goat on the Roof” Market. There is both a regular market where goats actually live on the sodden roof, but in the back there is a huge produce market filled with lots of local and organic good!!

SO so so sweet! 🙂

Coombs Frickin Fruitluck went off rawsomely, many great people, sweet durian mangos n much much more!! Thanks everyone for the awesomeness. Tyrell and his ma Beverly gave out the good tip that if your Durian from Superstore isn’t good you can return it for a refund!! I should have known this but tis god news as they really can be hit or miss. Tyrell is also a epic chef and 811 banana smasher! 🙂

Char from Charskitchen.ca shares her passion for creating gluten free raw vegan treats that everyone can enjoy, showcased are her amazing “Char Star” Cookies featuring Fudgy chocolate Almond, Cinomin Coconut Almond, and what what Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough???? No joke she sells them at the farmers markets around Victoria, Im sure we will see them in stores soon!!! Flowing with passion, set to help others, you cant loose. Kudos Char 🙂

Off to Rawthentic Eatery a cool raw restaurant in Qualicum Beach on Victoria Island. I am pretty sure it was either the 1st or 2nd raw restaurant I ever ate at, Blessings Liz whom was on a epic raw bicycling trip across canada at the time! Tyrell is a Chef at Rathentic, its been around for over 3 years now, thanks for the Treats!

Eating raw in restaurants is really as easy as you make it, I actually really enjoy it! I ate with my family at a golf course restaurant, I find simply asking for waht you do want, instead of asking for a specific salad without onions..without dressing..without blah blah blah, instead, I would love a huge salad, challenging them to make the biggest ever, with mixed greens, tons of tomatoes and a lime on the side. It works really well, your comfort and confidence is dictated by you, its Just Food anyways, i find it useful to simply enjoy what you can n focus on the togetherness n sharing of space.

A quick trip to Victoria City to skate and roam around while my parents golfed was a real Treat!

While on the island I bought a Iphone 4 off of Kajiji Vancouver. In a rush I negated my intuition and a few red flags concerning the person I was buying from. At the time I felt rushed, feeling that if I didn’t get the phone right then, even though I was wary of the deal, payment method and other points, that I wouldn’t get as good of a deal as Saskatoon’s listings was sparse in comparison. In the end it ended up being a scam, i was put out 450$ as he picked up and took my cash from a western union in Europe. Lesson, don’t use western union for ebay / kajiji / craigslist! Listen to your intuition, it serves you well. IN the end its just cash, the experience and lessons I learn were worth more than a silly iPhone anyhow. Faith in the process, the knowledge that I have all I need and will receive all I need to continually grow in loving service. I am actually just now about to purchase a better one off a friend, boooya upping the game I will be!!

Consults on the go, HD video Blogs, Pictures, fancy dancy for sure!! 🙂

My mommy and I Make a awesome Raw Lasagna for her, my pa, our friends the Bassets and Vancoughnett’s with who we were staying with. The recipe will be launched in my upcoming “Cravings Busters Transitional Raw Recipes” out in the new year of 2012!!!! Peep the vid for the awesome recipe! 🙂

Tyrell hooked both Char and I up with a epic Kayaking Journey all over the place. We went over a few Kilometers out into a bunch of smaller islands. After choosing one that Tyrell had never been to we pulled our kayaks ashore and explored the scene. Some Saskatoon berries mmmmm love it, crow do do, a burnt shirt and rocks and trees were explored. When we came back it was to our surprise to find our kayaks (char’s n mine anyways) out to sea ahahah Luckily Tyrell pulled his higher as the tide came in and he was able to row out and retrieve our Kayaks.

After a epic time we went Back to Make a feast at Tyrell and his Mom Beverly’s house. Thanks so much to you both and Char for the awesome time, good company and food!! Char Brought her Rawsome Char Star Cookies for desert, Tyrell made a amazing Mushroom Alfredo, some Salad and a Wicked Greek Salad!! I brought a few slices of Lasagna and made some open faced ravioli’s. Can you call them raviolis then? hmm I just did!! Like true Rawk Stars we smashed as much of the feast as we could n faded into stories n sweetness.

Love you Victoria, thanks for the times was amazing, excited for more!!

Hope you enjoyed it!!


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As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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