Farm of Life Leaks Chris Kendall Love :)

Oh oh my I always feel a lill funny sharing a video like this as Brian and Jody are so so gracious and Generous in their love and praise, gotta spread their sweetness N heck I’m human it feels nice to be loved and appreciated!!

So so much Love to you Both Brian and Josephine, for all you do, are and share with a world that really is bleeding for compassion,  and Love. You both are living testament and commitment to loving service, helping all living beings to resonate and vibrate at a higher frequency, consciously rising ones vibration!! Love love love it!!: )

You both inspire me with your service, confidence in self and conscious creating! 🙂

Hope you love this video!!

Brian and Josephine Calvi are the creators behind The Farm of Life a most epicly abundant Place of Health and healing, a Raw Food Holistic Healing and Retreat Centre in the Diamonte Valley in Costa Rica. A centre Based in loving service creating a affordable place for people to completely recharge their lifestyle, heal from dire circumstances and/or take their health and fitness to unimaginable heights. Both Brian and Jody came into the Raw food Lifestyle with various Ailments and “diseases” and having come into ease, leaving those “diseases” behind they felt they could bring that kind of knowledge to others most effectively through opening a affordable raw food healing centre. 2 years later Finca de Vida, The Farm of Life was a solid reality.

Peep their Website, Sign up to The Farm of Life Youtube Channel for tons of awesome videos updates and tips!! 🙂

I have been a part of the “Farm of Life Family” since 2010 when I first stepped on the farm. Always a feeling of brotherhood, love and unconditional acceptance simply radiating from both Brian and Jody, I feel so blessed to be a part of such a amazing place space and family.

I love you guys and am so so excited to come in 2013! It will be such a joy and honour to flow my 2nd Raw Food Yoga Surfing Skateboarding retreat, January 9th – 16th as well as Chef for Dr Sam’s Rawhabilitation Retreat, Ellen Livingston’s Raw Food Yoga Retreat as well as John Kohler’s Raw Retreat as well. Hanging on the farm with Brian, Josephine, Mary, Karine, Henry, Beto, Hillbert, Ruth, the pups Caesar, Ramsey, Max and Mombo as well of course as all the guest growing sharing and loving all goes without saying, well I guess I just did!! 🙂

Thanks so much for this wonderful video and al the blessings and Blissing’s bestowed on me an all those whose lives you touch!!

Thousand Blissing’s Blessings and boodles love to you both and your flow


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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