Top 5 Best Papaya Recipes

I used to think papayas were just ok, that is, until I tried strawberry papaya from Hawaii!

So here are my top five best papaya recipes! They are all super simple, hygienic, and delicious!

I hope you LOVE these simple papaya recipes, they are among my favourites and if your not a fan of papaya it may be that you haven’t tried the right ones

I am sorry to say Marthas Best seems to have closed up shop; I will update if this changes 🙂

If you know me you know that I am big on food combining. In fact, all of my books have info on food combining, and my free raw recipe app even has my full food combining chart.

Papayas are interesting as they seemingly fit into a few fruit categories: melon (often called tree melons) and sub-acid! Due to this, Papayas are like the friendly chameleons of the fruit world – they get along with everyone! Seriously, these tropical gems are the ultimate team players when it comes to mixing and matching flavors. Whether you’re tossing them into a fruity salad, blending them up in a smoothie, or even sneaking them into a salsa, papayas bring that perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess that makes every bite a taste sensation. They’re the go-to fruit for adding a pop of tropical goodness to any dish, and they’re always up for a delicious adventure with their fruity buddies. So next time you’re in the kitchen, don’t forget to invite papayas to the party – they’ll make sure it’s a flavor fiesta!

Now for my top 5 best papaya recipes, I hope you enjoy them all!

Papaya and Lime

Halve the papaya, then slice it still in the skin.

Squeeze lime juice over the sliced papaya and scoop from the skin to enjoy!

IMG 2151

Papaya and Orange

Peel all the oranges and papaya and blend together for a thick, satisfying tropical smoothie

IMG 2348

Papaya and Watermelon

I usually use about 70% watermelon and 30% papaya here.

Remove the watermelon rind, peel the papaya, and blend all the fruit together for a tasty treat

IMG 2302

Papaya and Banana

This is another delicious tropical smoothie.  You can use any ratio that you like best.  I tend to go for about 50/50 – banana/papaya.  Peel and blend!

IMG 2092

Papaya and Pineapple Boats

This is a fun and delicious treat.  Slice the papayas in half and scoop out the fruit.  Dice the papaya and some pineapple.  Stir together and serve in the scooped-out papaya half shell.

Sail away!

IMG 2169

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Much more fun to come

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