Frickin’ Rawsome Mango Cherry Pudding Recipe!

With Cherry Season upon us I felt it was time to share a simple, sweet, satiating Cherry Recipe!
I Hope you Love it! 🙂

Cherries are one of my all time favorite fruits, I remember a time when I set up my hammock tent between a cherry orchard and a nectarine orchard in Osoyoos, B.C… I will admit I ate more than my fair share according to some.

Eaten alone, in a smoothie, fruit salad or chopped in a green salad, all delicious options. While I will admit my absolute favorite is to eat them direct from the tree, when hungry till full, this Frickin’ Rawsome Mango Cherry Pudding Recipe is in my top 3 ways to eat cherries!

Frickin’ Rawsome Mango Cherry Pudding Recipe!

4 cups cherries

3 mango’s

2 dates

Pit and slice cherries in half, place 1/2 in a bowl and 1/2 in the blender, reserving 6 pieces to make things fancy! Slice the mango (watch the video for the best technique) and place the “cheeks” in the blender, eat the centers if you wish 🙂 Add the two dates to the blender, be sure to pit them! Blend till smooth as can be then pour over the halved cherries, arrange the extra cherries in a beautiful way and share on Instagram, twitter and Facebook 😉

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Screenshot 2015-07-25 07.50.46here is the photo she took of the pudding, she is the best! 🙂

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