Fruit Foraging in LA

After sitting on a longer vid for authorization for a bit I needed cut some super secret scene’s oh my!!!

Don’t worry they will be in a future vid, craziness n goodness too!

Within this gem is pure sweetness, that I promise.

Enjoy it!

Starting off with a sweet apple banana meditation, I love apple banana’s 🙂

Good friend Helena n I go hiking in Griffith park to find some elusive White Sapote tree’s. White sapote’s are a sweet fruit with more than a few strange shaped seeds. They taste like a sweet creamy pear with the texture of a avocado. High in calories and very satiating they can make a great meal or addition to a sweet smoothie. The tree’s (there are 6 or 7 in all) can be found on the main wide trail going up to the observatory in griffith park. There is a trail that loops up and down, they are on the left side if you are looking up at the observatory from the parking lot or on the right if you are walking down from the observatory. Peak season is mid to late sept, you want to get them while hard as when ripe they are so soft and delicate they can be hard to handle. Enjoy some !!!!

I love love love figs, Courtney and I forage the heck out of a sweet tree, eat our fill and have a figrama feast of joy for later!

A perfect Sunday, sleeping in, a hot bath and a relaxing afternoon. Its really important to give yourself time to relax rest and recover.

As before mentioned i had a entire 4 minutes of sweet behind the scenes footage of the shooting of the new DC shoe co commercials, but due to the fact they haven’t all been released I will be holding on to the clips until they are!! Patience is great to cultivate, trust me they are sweet clips! Excited to share!

My mega ombre Pat Wells wished a skate at “The Berrics” with me for his Bday! OF course I was amped to enjoy the time with my bradah.

We got some fun clips, I do hope you enjoy them much!

Wishing you Much

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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