SO often the subject of satiation / satisfaction around food leaves people confused on why they are loosing weight or gaining so much weight.

There are THREE key components to satiation:




The Standard American / European Diet really falls short on two of these; Volume and Nutrition.  The food tends to be so processed compacted and cooked that there is very little relitive nutrition left in the food.  Calorie needs, however, are being too easily met and even exceeded in these processed, compacted foods.  This leaves people feeling short of satiation in the volume and nutrition needs so they need more and more and more food, still feeling starved yet getting fatter and fatter.

On a raw diet, volume and nutrition needs are much more easily met.  This diet leaves you with no shortage of volume of food and raw natural fruits and vegetables are PACKED with all of the nutrients you need in the ratios you need them. On the other hand people can fall a little short on calories because they feel more satiated with the nutrient and volume fix. Fruits and vegetables are so low in calories that getting the required number of calories in a day can take a perception shift and some specific knowledge on which foods to eat.


I recommend is starting each meal with fruit, eating with no restriction until your right between all you desire and all you can. At that point if you feel like you still want or need more food, move on to young tender leafy green vegetables and eat them until they no longer please you. It is better to literally feel completely satiated with low fat whole fruits and vegetables at each meal, that feeling of I couldn’t eat another bite. A diet based in Sweet and Juicy fruits with ample non sweet fruits greens fatty fruits and smaller amounts of nuts and seeds brings about the most nutrition with the least digestive effort.  If you follow this method looking to get quality fruits and vegetables, satiation should be no problem!

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