Vegan Activist – Top Tips to Spread the Vegan Message to Friends and Family

Sometimes the word “Activist” can conjure up images of people shouting their message, forcing their thoughts and beliefs upon you but that doesn’t have to be the case!   I was blessed to meet Michael Goodchild “The Vegan Activist” to share thoughts on Spreading the Vegan Message to Family and Friends.

During the last bit of the UK FruitFest I had the chance to talk with Michael.  BTW the UK Fruit Fest is an awesome event and if you’re in the area we’d LOVE for you to join us next year!!  

Michael has some awesome tips on how to spread the vegan message – including what he feels is the most important aspect, stay in the positive.

Have you ever taken activism in a fun, joking or playful direction?  You’ll see in the video that Michael has!! – I’d love to hear what you’ve done!!

For a ton of inspiration in going or staying vegan be sure to Subscribe to The Vegan Activist Michael Goodchild here –

Also, did you realize we are down to just over two weeks until the Woodstock Fruit Festival?  Wowza!  I’m super excited!  Its going to be awesome (as it always is!!) Hope to see you there!

If you aren’t sure yet if you really want to have this much of a good time, check out my video from last year’s festival and you’ll be convinced!

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