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After cutting my foot really bad on my fin I decided to try out the new FYF Free Your Feet protective minimalist Socks.  They are woven in part with a material said to be 15 X stronger than steel!

Check out my experience with them 🙂

I wanted to give these socks a try and see if they provided a little greater protection for my feet.  This particular pair runs about $100 so they are NOT cheap.  They’re not designed for real rugged, hard use scenarios like trail running or skateboarding, but thought they might work well for surfing.

At first they felt a little odd.  It wasn’t quite like wearing a regular pair of socks in the water, they did have a little bit of weight to them.  They also have little gripper dots coating the bottom.  This was both a pro and a con.

Check out the video for more details and my ultimate verdict on whether these socks did the trick!

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