Oh we are on the brink of the New Year!
Have you made any Resolutions for a New years Rawvolution?

Keeping this short n Sweet hope you enjoy!!

In this weeks post I talk a little bit about goal setting, resolutions and changing habits that don’t serve you. I have found much help in utilizing dates such as new years to provide extra power to habit changes. Concrete dates with a start and end you feel good about can help immensely as open ended goals often seem too daunting. Choosing goals that are realistic as well as ones that you truly wish to make, not feel you should make is the key to success. If your new to changing habits or making goals, starting with little ones your sure to grow into helps create more confidence in self making it easier to grow into bigger goals. More in the future on this:)

After the intro we get right into the first day at Ka Sundance’s http://www.kasundance.com raw transformational retreat at the wonderful Finca de Vida

http://www.farmoflifecr.com with a great intro as well as dinner for all!

Our first night we had a Circle ceremony Lead by Ka, where we all shared our personal story opening our hearts and intentions to one another. In respect of others privacy I only shared my bit, hope you enjoy it.


As Always

Wishing You Much

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