Chris Kendall Interview- The Banana Commander Reveals All

Blessed to share this candid and tell all interview from the “Love Fruit” Podcast

with Ronnie Smith of the Uk Fruitfest!

If you prefer to listen to the interview it is also on Spotify Here 🙂

Ronnie and I go into many personal and controversial subjects in the raw food lifestyle including,

What I have been doing differently since my major motorcycle accident in 2018,

what I think of some youtube / IG influencers going back to animal products,

what’s most important for long term health,

is raw law or can there be flexibility,

why I think about a purest mindset and or doing cleanest and fasting often,

and so much more!

This one goes pretty deep and covers a Lot of Ground, thus

“The Banana Commander Reveals All”!

I hope you Really enjoy it, be sure to check out more interviews and

to learn more about UK Fruitfest Click Here!

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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