My first Unboxing video showcasing and reviewing a new electric spiralizer / noodle maker my mom bought me as a gift!

Now I have used  ton of different kitchen tools to make vegetable and fruit noodles, from hand held, countertop manual noodlers (Get my favourite angel hair manual noodle maker Here) and fancy $1500 machines (as used at the Woodstock Fruit Festival – more below) and gotta say I am pretty impressed with this one. This Thinkkitchen automatic electric spiralizer comes with a 2 year warranty and so far works amazingly with everything i have thrown at it. It was originally $120 but then went on sale for $50 and then to $29!!!

I am not a affiliate for this machine but did enjoy it, check out the Thinkkitchen electric spiralizer at 29$ Here!

I hope you enjoy the unboxing video, let me know if you want to see more of these and if you want me to do  video on all of the different ways to make raw noodles 🙂

As mentioned I have used and enjoyed the noodles from the best raw noodle machine, worth $1500 per machine, its what we use at the Woodstock Fruit Festival!! I know that sounds extravagant but I must say it produces the best noodles ever, seriously it actually makes a big difference, thin linguini type that are fully dry even when stacked in a 50 litre bin!!

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I hope you love the video and dive into more of my recipes!!

See you at Woodstock!!

Wishing you Much