Overcoming Compulsive Eating and Raw Vegan Vitality

Blessed to share this in depth interview I recently did for the To Be Radiant Podcast with Holly Lehua
on the topic “Healing Emotional/Compulsive Eating & Raw Vegan Vitality”

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You can Listen in the player below or go direct to her podcast page and listen here 🙂

We really had a great conversation and went deep into many topics that I sincerely hope can help you along your journey.
From Holly;
“Today’s guest on @ToBeRadiant is Chris Kendall, Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Raw Vegan + Chef.
Throughout my journey, Chris’s work has not only contributed to my healing & wellness journey, but has inspired me to follow my bliss time and time again.
Today we chat about:
?Raw vegan vitality & the path towards wellness
?Addiction, emotional/compulsive eating
?Relapse & getting back on track
?Karma & nutrition
?Self love in action
?Matching your body with high vibrational frequencies
Chris also shares 3 tips that you can implement today to get started on the path of wellness!”
Check out these quotes from the show that Holly turned into images for her Instagram channel 🙂
IMG 8046
IMG 8047
I really hope you enjoy the interview a ton and that it helps you find more
peace, ease and streamlined success in your health journey! 🙂

As Always

Wishing You Much

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