80/10/10 Family Subscription


A Phenomenal Membership Site Packed With New And Helpful Tips & Tricks, Education and Motivational Videos Every Month To Help You Stay On Track With The 80/10/10 Lifestyle!

The Family includes features such as Dr. D’s Video Of The Month, Kitchen & Recipes, Fitness & Exercise, The Science of The 80/10/10 Raw Food Diet, Running, Emotional & Spiritual Support, The Vault Select CDs & DVDs Online, Members-Only Q&A and Group Coaching Sessions with Dr. Graham Twice a Month, and Much, Much More!

Here’s what you get – updated monthly and in some cases weekly!

  • Dr. D’s Video Of The Month – This video will typically tackle a substantial issue that can often stand in the way of success on a Raw Food Diet.  Some months this video will highlight new discovery’s or studies that Dr. Graham will always bring to members of the 80/10/10 Family first, and further discuss on the Q&A’s that month.  These videos are typically 30-60 minutes in length.
  • Kitchen & Recipes – The 80/10/10 Kitchen will feature kitchen training videos with Dr. Graham or Katy Craine and amazing 80/10/10 recipes!  These training videos are exclusive to the 80/10/10 Family.
  • Fitness & Exercise –  Dr. Graham is widely known for fitness and exercise classes that are FUN and incorporate different ways to get and stay fit.  If you’ve tried to maintain an exercise program that consisted of walking on a treadmill, there’s a good chance you didn’t stick with it because it isn’t fun and there’s no variety.  In Fitness & Exercise, Dr. Graham and other FoodnSport trainers show you how to have fun while incorporating this critical component of health and vitality.
  • The Science of 80/10/10 – Most people don’t plan to be a nutrition and fitness coach (for them there’s the FoodnSport CLC program), but understanding the fundamentals of the science behind the 80/10/10 Lifestyle enhances your motivation and makes it infinitely easier to explain it to your friends and family.
  • Emotional & Spiritual Support – Substantially changing your diet and living a  lifestyle different than the majority of the population comes with its own set of challenges.  Here we offer you strategies for overcoming some of the emotional difficulties we all face in our own way and to grow spiritually by living in harmony with nature and our body’s design.
  • Runner’s Corner – Grant Campbell – our Director of Education and resident running expert offers ongoing weekly running videos that will assist and inspire runners at all levels.
  • “The 80/10/10 Vault” – The Vault is an ever expanding selection of DVD and CD programs that are sold in our store, but are available to Family members to watch or listen to for free.  Other exclusive audio/video recordings of live lectures will also be released in The 80/10/10 Vault.  This alone is worth the price of membership.
  • Exclusive Live Question & Answer – WOW!  Two or Three LIVE Q&A sessions EVERY MONTH with Dr. Graham!!!  Ask any question or share a success story so you never get stuck.  Did you get asked a tough question by that cynical co-worker?  Get the answer from Dr. D. and next thing you know you’ll be sitting down to a lunch of bananas with that co-worker!  All Q&A sessions are also recorded and made available to Family members.  And you can submit questions by email if you can’t attend live.
  • Share And Discuss – Each feature section has an area for discussion and we’ve created a special category in The 80/10/10 Forum for Family discussions as well that Dr. Graham and the FoodnSport team monitor on a daily basis.  This community is a special place were family members can share their wins, their challenges and discuss the content of Family materials.
  • Family Reunion – A special yearly get-together for 80/10/10 Family members only. The 80/10/10 Family Reunion is currently being planned for 2015 and will include all 80/10/10 Family members* and the extended “staff” of FoodnSport.  We will play, eat, laugh, play, eat and laugh some more!  It’s sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.  More information will be available in the new year.  Some additional fees may apply.*the Family Reunion will be available to current yearly plan members and current monthly members who have been part of the Family for at least 4 months.