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My Next Raw Food Yoga Skateboarding Surfing Retreat will be Held March 8th to 15th 2014 at The Farm of Life in Costa Rica!!

Having witness the healing power of the Raw Food Diet and healthful living, Being Blessed to Enjoy All that the Amazing Farm of Life offers, Gaining tons of Benefit from practicing and teaching various forms of Yoga as well as enjoying Growing through Skateboarding and Surfing I couldn’t help but Create this retreat to bring all of it and us together for the most amazing Raw Retreat Experience Ever!

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Included in the Retreat

– 7 nights accommodation at The Farm of Life

– Travel to and from the airport & Farm of Life (4 hours from San Jose)

– As Much Organic Local Raw Fruits and Veggies as you Want

– Simple 80/10/10 style cuisine

– Up to 2 Low Fat Raw Gourmet Dinners

– One on One Raw Lifestyle Coaching

– A wide range of Raw Food Classes and Workshops

– Up to 2 Yoga Classes a Day

– 3 – 4 Days Surfing including Rental and Transportation

– 3-4 days Skateboarding including Transportation and Rental (if needed)

– A Amazing Waterfall / Jungle Hike or two

– Optional Permaculture Farm Tour

– Meditation both Silent and Tibetan Singing Bowls

– Learning to apply all the different aspects of Healthful living

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I am so so so excited to give you this opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Raw lifestyle while enjoying such awesome activities, learning about hygienic lifestyle factors and sucking in all that Costa Rica Has to offer!! From endless Local Whole Fresh Raw Ripe Organic Fruits and Vegtables to delicous 80/10/10 style cuisine from my “101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes” to the option of a few Low Fat Raw Gourmet Dinners from my “Cravings Busters Transitional Recipes”

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Whether you are Brand new to raw foods, a seasoned vet 100% raw fooder or a few years deep I know you stand to benefit from this retreat!  I will be sharing vital and helpful tips regarding the raw food diet including but not limited to:

Common mistakes,

Ways to Plan for success,

The tips of Long Term Raw foodists,

Simple raw food prepwork and workshops,

Tranistional low fat raw cuisine demos and class (if desired),

The science as well as common sense behind the raw food diet,

not to mention

All the Whole Fresh Ripe Raw Fruits and Veggies you can eat!!


What better way to compliment Skateboarding and Surfing than with Yoga?

I actually got into Yoga before I got into Raw foods or nutrition which is now 12 years ago. Having derived such benifits from Yoga, physical mental as well as spiritual I am really excited to share my expereince and practice with you. Once again wether you are a full blown Yogi, have a budding home practice or have never done even one sun Salutation I am sure you will not only enjoy these Optional Classes but also gain much benefit.


From Raw Power yoga, essentially yoga with brawn, this process produces intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. By the end of the session you will feel more like you have completed a traditional weight training or a callisthenic workout than you would with any other type of yoga

(intermediate – Advanced)

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To Kundalini considered the king of all yoga’s, the focus is on awakening the energy at the base of the spine and drawing it upward. It has a more spiritual feel focusing on the energy balance in your body. Expect lots of core work on your abs and around the spine with Kundalini yoga — and perhaps even more sitting than usual.

(beginner – advanced)


Providing up to a class per day Together so we can help strengthen your body, tone your muscles and focus your mind with these amazing practices.

When you think of Costa Rica, you probably think of Surfing!

If not You probably dont know that the surf Scene in Costa Rica is Huge and with Good Reason!!! Costa rica offers some of the best surfing in the world with many world class Breaks or Spots. We will have the option of going to a number of different spots ranging from Begginer to Advanced during the Retreat surrounded by amazing edless coconut tree’s fresh fruit, perfect beaches and the option of caves. It will be amazing fun!


We will have the option of surfing 3 – 4 days out of the week time of day dependent on the tide and level of surfing experience.

What would a Raw Advantage Retreat be without Skateboarding?

Having skateboarded for over 25 years now I feel safe to say I can help expand your game no matter what level your at or otherwise simply enjoy shredding with you! I have vast experience in teaching people of all levels how to skateboard in both street and half pipes. There is a amazing half pipe in Dominical only 1/2 hour away from The Farm of Life, a smaller cement park near as well as the option of street skating.


We will have the option of skating 3 – 4 days of the week with the option of another small cement skate park as well as street skating in the city.

Costa Rica Offers some of the most amazing Hikes and Waterfalls in the world!!

At least one of the days, with the option of two, we will go on a beautiful hike through the Costa Rican Jungle to enjoy one of the most beutiful sights I have ever seen. Niaca offers a double cascading waterfall that can only be done justice by being there. Check my video above to get but a glimpse of its epicness!!!

We will also have the opportunity to go on a full day hike to some organic gardens, sacred caves, and another amazing set of waterfalls in climbing Diamante if we so decide as a group.


I really hope to see you out here in Costa Rica, there is a max occupancy of 21 people, I am sure it will fill fast so Be sure to Secure your spot and reserve your place now!! 🙂

Please make sure that full payment is received by December 1st.

Payment in full would be:

$1,180 (if sharing a room with 2 or 3 other people)

$1,260 (if sharing a room with 1 other person)

$1,480 (if desiring a single room)