Skye of Roar Talks Interviews Chris Kendall

Feeling blessed to share this recent interview that Skye of Roar Talks did with me for her site

I hope you enjoy this episode of Roar talks with Skye and me where we talk about my raw foods journey, health, healing, and deep into the importance of self-love, and patience, we also answer some live questions.

Skye healed over 30 years of chronic illness with a raw food lifestyle and shares all via her website and on her Instagram @roar.skye

Be sure to check her out and connect with her via her Email:

Below are a few snippets from the Interview cleaned up with AI as a trial, I recommend watching the whole Roar Talks interview to go into way more human detail.  

The majority of people have been raised eating foods that are quite heavy on digestion, which has a numbing impact. When we discover something that stimulates or numbs us, the brain likely believes it has struck gold as the perfect distraction so it becomes a habit. Being fully conscious of this pattern and looking over our habits and “security blankets” can facilitate a tremendous change in our life. We can only truly evolve and let rid of the things that are restricting us by feeling, perceiving, and fully embracing everything as it is without guilt or fear, or distraction. To me, raw foods are simply a potent force for good that can help you see all the dark crevices, spots, and cobwebs that are energetically present and provide you with a wonderful opportunity to move through them and develop.

The self-love part and recognizing that it is through really loving yourself in thought, word, and action such as eating fruit and vegetables, that is love in action. It’s really the most powerful thing you can do. It is a part of everyone’s journey. People who follow a vegan diet, especially one that is highly processed, may be missing that detail. Only if you show yourself love in thought, word, and deed can you truly embody health. One of the first things that occur when you adopt this lifestyle—which may aid in the recovery of those who suffer from mental illness—is that the monkey chatter in your head stops and you can hear your own voice. It sounds like there is only one voice, as opposed to being silenced by the background. It can be pretty intense going through that detoxification process and letting go of old things that don’t really serve us anymore.

Some people suggest that cooked foods offer more nutrients than raw foods, but this isn‘t always the case. It‘s important to recognize that, while cooking some foods may make certain nutrients more bioavailable, there are also dozens of nutrients that can become damaged or vastly reduced in quantity. It’s important to consider the nutrient in the discussion itself, how much do we need, more isn‘t necessarily better. For example, so often people use the example of cooked tomatoes lycopene being more bioavailable than raw, but they don’t consider the amount lost from the cooking process nor really look per calorie. When you really get into it we can get more lycopene from raw tomatoes per calorie than cooked tomatoes and this doesn’t even consider the amount we actually need in the first place. 

Eating fruit is a great way to ensure that you are getting enough nutrition with fewer calories per bite, but because of this, it’s important to eat larger volumes to meet your caloric needs. Although the sayingyou are what you eat is popular, it is not entirely accurate. It is actually more about what you can digest and absorb. Therefore, it can be really helpful to choose foods that are easy to digest, such as fruit, which is the ideal choice, and young, tender leafy greens. Additionally, it is important to ensure that you are eating in a relaxed state and chewing your food properly. These steps will help you to look after your body and get more from your foods and thus help improve your mood. 

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