Wishing you all a Amazing Holiday Season from Bali!

In this Xmas Special video with ReallyMili we want to share our Top Tips on how to set yourself up for the BEST tropical vacation possible!!
I hope you enjoy it and learn something new 🙂

Planning a raw food based tropical vacation can be a bit tricky, there are so many places to go and so many things to consider. While this video doesn’t go into everything we try to really pin down some of the big aspects of traveling we have run into on our vacation to Bali to help set you up with the Best Tropical Vacation Ever!
I really hope you enjoy the video for the Top Tips from ReallyMili and I!

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Speaking of amazing, oh I mean Shameless, I want to invite you out to my March 2018 Raw Food and Yoga Surf Adventure Retreat in Costa Rica!!

There are only a few spots left, we will be enjoying the most amazing waterfalls, hikes, beaches, organic fruits and fun that Costa Rica ha to offer. On top of that we will dive deep into raw food culinary skills, raw food nutrition / lifestyle info tricks and tips, 3-5 styles of yoga, surfing, optional flying trapeze, emotional social support and connection to self, each other and the land at the amazing Farm of Life.
Hope to enjoy it out there with you!

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SO fun to collaborate with ReallyMili on this xmas Album! Besides being a blast Mili is a epic vegan makeup artist specializing in Face Paint / SFX / Beauty and likes to share it all through both written blog posts and vlogs.

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Wishing you Much

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