Today I got the results from my full physical including blood work, my Doctor was Skeptical, Check out the Results plus my niece Charlize’s 2nd bday, some fun exercises dancing with her 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

Jumping right into the Blood Work Results

This is my 6th year on the path as a 100% low fat raw vegan without any supplements of any kind. last year I got a Full Physical to ease my moms concerns and figured getting one this year would be useful to compare results. Last year my Doctor at the time was ecstatic with my results, she said ” some of the best blood work she has ever seen” and “whatever you are doing keep it up”. This year I went to my new family doc, Dr Alexandra Yatsina for a full range of blood work. We chatted about what I do (raw vegan lifestyle coaching, consulting ect) told him my history, and gave him a Business card to check out my site. He mentioned concern over various minerals, protein and fats, I replied assuring him I can get everything I need from whole, fresh, raw, ripe, fruits, and vegetables, needless to say he was excited to see my lab results.

2 weeks later I went to his office to find out the results. One of the first things he told me was “you know you really inspired some one else here” I asked him who, and he said “me”! I was taken aback and I will admit overwhelmed with happiness. He told me since our first meeting he had checked out my website, went 5 days raw and since then has aspired to live 70% + raw vegetarian with the addition of fish at times. He beamed with happiness and told me that he felt much better and in fact had shared my site with his immediate family, and plans to enlighten his patience to the new truths he has found 🙂 I hope to one day put up a testimonial from him here 🙂

After this we went over my tests, its important to consider ones diet and lifestyle when comparing values. My doctors interpretation takes my specifics in relation to the norm, which is based off of the average persons values and needs according to a standard diet (ramping up some needs lowering others) and average lifestyle. Click here to see the full Lab Results also see below for vit D info.

We first looked at the blood Panel, a few examples – White blood cells 4.08 10^g/L (White blood cells or leukocytes defend the body against infection), red blood cells 4.63 10^12/L (These cells carry oxygen throughout the body), hemoglobin 141 g/L(a protein that enables RBCs to carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body) platelets 200 10^g/L (an element of the blood that are important for blood clotting) ect. all looked really good, he told me that my counts, amounts, structure, and quality was all good and in great ratios to each other.

From there we looked at the Automated Differential (white blood cell count evaluation)  We looked at Electrolytes (minerals that help keep the body’s fluid levels in balance, and are necessary to help the muscles, heart, and other organs work properly) and will show kidney function. My Na (sodium) 140 mmo l/L was in a great range (simply by eating foods high in sodium, celery tomatoes bok choy greens etc. I don’t recommend sea salts etc) My K (potassium) 5.4 mmo l/L was a little high due to my high consumption of potassium rich foods, but not a concern he said as its easily eliminated by the kidneys and posses no negatives. Urea 0.8 mmo l/L was low which is grea as its a byproduct of excess and poor quality protein digestion and elimination n highly acidifying. Everything looked great and in above average ratios.

My enzyme levels were spot on, my diet requires little digestive enzymes leaving more energy and enzymes for other vital activities in my body. My fasting glucose levels (give insight to risk of hypothyroidism and diabetes)  were spot on and nothing to worry about.

We then looked at my Cholesterol levels. He told me a few years back he may have thought the ratios were a little off, but now after some recent seminars and learning he sid my ratios are what babys have when they are born and are optimal! Triglyceride 1.80 mmol/L ,   HDL 0.84 mmo l/L,   LDL 1.44 mmo l/L. There is not need for dietary cholesterol (found mostly in animal foods) as out body produces its own. Infact there are only negatives to its consumption, heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke etc.

My Immunochemistry was in great shape, as was my Iron 15 umo l/L levels and other mineral ratios.

We went over my b12 levels 130 pmo l/L (a controversial issue), important to note population deficiency %’s are near the same across the board for vegans meat eaters, and vegetarians. Its really more of a absorption issue than exposure, check my faq’s for more info) My levels looked good, and nothing to be worried about. Its good to note that while my levels are just on the low side, this is in comparison the the “average”. Average levels are skewed by the fact that the average person is eating b12 supplemented foods (grains, juices, processed foods) daily and often at every meal. There is controversy with this too as some believe the supplemental version is partially in analog form and actually gives false reading blocking receptor sites for active b12. See my faq’s for more info.

My vitamin D wasn’t listed on the form, as it was still in the lab when i got the printout, my doctor has since called and informed me that it came back just on the side of low, (53 nmo l/L) but not deficient. While I a not anti-supplements, I prefer to promote going to the source of the issue whenever possible. As I live in the north and have gotten less than optimal sunlight over the last few months (I try to suck it up whenever its there) I am not surprised nor concerned as I am  going to California to enjoy time n sun with friends. Im sure I will suck up much sun and get my levels back up easily. I do not promote supplementing prophylactically without any symptoms  (preventative) but instead prefer to deal directly with the lifestyle factors that can help and go from there. In the case of actual deficiencies you do what you have to, then look to correcting any lifestyle and food factors that got you into that issue. With vitamin d its getting adequate sun exposure on bare skin, with b12 its most often absorption issues, eating very cold foods and natural antibiotics such as garlic often are two examples that hinder intestinal absorption and our natural flora balance.

All in all my doctor was amazed and happy with my results, he told me “you were right, you are getting all the protein you need in your fruits and veggies” and that “keep it up what your doing is working great” . I must admit getting such good results, and inspiring my Md. put a little extra pep in my step and I hope gives some of you some confidence and peace of mind. Test results aside I feel this alone brings much weight to the skeptics, if a Dr. found my simplicity and effectiveness of raw vegan nutrition to fit the bill, yielding above average optimal lab results, who can contest?

Through eating whole fresh ripe fruits and vegetables we provide ourselves with the foods we were designed to thrive on. They are the most nutritious foods foods calorie per calorie and are metabolized with the lease digestive effort waste and time. The vast majority of nutritional issues people have are those of excess and imbalance, not deficiency. Its a reality that the more we clean up our diet the more susceptible to worry we often become, when we become so focused on getting enough we leave susceptibility to sales pitches, gimmicks, vitamins, and elixirs. This leads to scare tactics and skewed studies propping up supplements, super foods and other unneeded “products”. All nutrient work in concert requiring co vitamins, co enzymes, co minerals etc, fruits and vegetables provide us with all we need with the fiber, and water to metabolize them in the proper ratios,in a proper balance for optimal absorption and health. Remember stress creates a much higher need in many vitamins and minerals, relax, enjoy more fresh foods and watch your health and vitality soar!

The rest fo the video shows Charlizes birthday party, and some sweet exercises and dance moves! I hope you enjoy it much finding some smiles and laughter flowing 🙂

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