Cherimoya, The China Study and Jackfruit!

Happy day all, another wonderful week in Marina Del Rey!

Lapping up the sunshine, amazing farmers markets, meeting and greeting new and old friends, skating and enjoying all.

Much thanks.

Got a nice little video for you this week hope you enjoy it much!!

Video blog # 10 starts out with a bang, a big mono meal of one of my favorite fruits, the Cherimoya!!! Native to South America, and cultivated in California the cherimoya is a sub tropical fruit. It is a finicky fruit in that it doesn’t survive frost, but is said that it likes to grow in the mountains just within sight of it ahaha. Mark Twain has been said to have described cherimoya as “deliciousness itself” as well as deeming it “the most delicious fruit man can eat”. Also called the “ice cream tree” the flavor is a cross of banana, pineapple, mango, with hints of papaya and strawberry. The texture is that of a creamy custard and it contains many small black seeds. The seeds themselves as well as the skin should not be eaten, as they are said to act as insecticide and the crushed seeds have been known to cause temporary paralysis of about 5 hours (depending on amount). High in many vitamins and minerals, the cherimoya is a calorie dense super satiating sweet fruit you will for surely want to try out. The growing season is typically January to June and they range in price from 1 – 7 $ a lb. I have found the best deals from the farmers markets in California.

I love love love cherimoya 🙂

Next up we delve into a talk Dr T. Colin Campbell  he did at a church regarding his groundbreaking best selling book “The China Study” I cant recommend this book highly enough. It is the most comprehensive, longest, biggest nutritional study ever done. Within the study clear evidence and science shows a incontrovertible link between what would in mainstream nutrition/media be moderate levels of both protein and fat, to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, diabetes and many other major degenerative diseases. The differences between animal and plant proteins and fat are clearly show and proven to be a huge factor in our susceptibility to a wide variety of disease. If you wish to be armed with the most up to date nutritional facts, or would like to provide others with solid science showing the link between animal proteins / fats and our largest diseases be sure to check out this book. Dr Campbell blows away many common myths, misconceptions and outright lies held up by media, mainstream nutrition, and other special interest groups.

My good friend Arlen came into town and we enjoyed a night out, a day at the beach and some fun at the farmers market! Along the way we met a very proactive vegan with a table full of pro vegan literature. Its great to see people standing up for those that don’t have a voice, or ability to defend themselves. I truly believe all life, every being has just as much right to life as we do, through taking care of those who cannot defend themselves we come to know who we truly are.

Sk8ing in venice beach is a real treat! The park is amazing, street skating is great too! I was attempting to film a line in the concrete bowl when 2nd go I took a hard slam. Both my wrists and elbows went fully numb and later were swollen and pulsing with sharp pain. By the next morning I was sure my wrist was fractured (I have done so before and broken one) but figured I would give it one more day before seeing a Doc. With surprise I awoke the next morning with little pain and improved range of motion. Comparatively to the past I feel I am healing up better than ever these days, much more quickly and easily. Ill be back with more skating next video 🙂

After my fall I was lucky to find a whole bunch of jack fruit for 1 dollar a lb. A large sweet tropical fruit in North America I usually don’t find it for less that 5 $ a lb. What a find! Jack fruits are the worlds biggest fruit often exceeding 20+ – 30 + lb’s and growing in trees up to 100 ft. Watch out  for them if your under a tree during the summer. The fruit itself tastes like juicy fruit gum, has a large seed and the “pods” are surrounded by stringy natural latex. In the countries they are grown every part of the fruit is often used, ripe pods for eating, unripe for cooking, the seeds boiled for food, and the latex as glue, sealant or patches for waterproofing. A  caloric dense sweet fruit, inexpensive in the tropic and insanely delicious watch for these amazing fruits. As a side note, with near 7 lb of whole fruit i got about 2 lb of edible pods, so watch for those high prices, sometimes getting frozen is more worth your while 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the video much!!! More videos with recipes soon, as well as my next transitional recipe book I am working on too!! Mono meals have simply been too great out here in Cali, enjoying the sun n the freshness for more than a few 🙂

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. OMG you made me so jealous watching you eat all those lovely cherimoyas!! I’ve never been able to afford a whole meal of them (they cost about 2€ at the market *gasp*), so they’re just a yummy-yummy special treat for me…

    1. 🙂 you gotta scoop em up when n how u can. They are some of my faves n ive had to pass them up more than a few times for $ reasons, out here there aint no excuse.

  2. OMG you made me so jealous watching you eat all those lovely cherimoyas!! I’ve never been able to afford a whole meal of them (they cost about 2€ at the market *gasp*), so they’re just a yummy-yummy special treat for me…

    1. 🙂 they are way too good. WHen I am out of the countries they grow Ill buy one or two, but any produce I love under 2$ a lb I will splurge on!! Cherimoya fit that bill in cali 🙂

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