Chris Kendall Interview on The Body Confidence Code!

I feel blessed to share my interview from The Body Confidence Code online series with Host Vicki Rolfe!

When life throws us a curveball, we have a tendency to overwork, overeat or over exercise, so we can numb the pain and find comfort and joy in that moment.
To end this cycle, reduce stress, be confident and find true happiness, we must learn to stop these self-destructive behaviors for good! This online series has been designed to inspire and empower YOU on How to Master Your Emotions, Let Go Of Stress And Learn New Habits, So You Can Feel Powerful In Your Own Body!
 I wish I could share all of the amazing interviews from other experts but I do hope you enjoy mine!

The Body Confidence Code Interviews Chris Kendall

In this interview we get into my story as well as the reasons why I focus so much on holistic lifestyle advice with a focus on raw food and plant based eating. We also go into what a typical raw food looks like, why I eat the way I do as well as some simple tips and tricks I learnt along the way. Even though people automatically think my site “The Raw Advantage” is all about diet, we go into the reality that food is just one aspect of health, no more important than any other aspect. I share on how true health and happiness is about so much more than simply eating raw food and that my biggest message is holistic health to help others find the true “raw” advantage in all ways.
I hope you really enjoy it!

Thanks a ton to Vicky Rolfe for the opportunity to share and connect with the truths I have found to be so helpful in my physical emotional and spiritual health.

Wishing you much 


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Wishing You Much

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