Chris Kendall on The Green Life Podcast

Enjoy this fun Interview with Chantal Di Donato of The Green Life Podcast in an episode with me dubbed “Living la vida RAWca”

In this episode of the Green Life Podcast Chantal invited 19-year raw foodist Chris Kendall to dive into his journey into raw food, his love for health and vitality, his love for skateboarding, and how he manages to stay Raw in countries that are not tropical!

About Chantal and The Green Life Podcast!

Hey guys, this is Chantal from Live Lean Health. Welcome to my Podcast, the Green Life. In this podcast, we will cover all that is holistic health, plant-based living, integrative medicine, complementary and traditional therapies, ancient wisdom, and overall green living, including how to create communities and grow your own food. Given my coaching practice, a lot of the episodes will be directed at supporting women in particular; so a lot of tips on hormonal balance and some goodies on motherhood. But overall, this podcast is for everybody. The aim is to enrich our knowledge holistically. My intention is to share experiences, wisdom, and tips from speakers from all walks of life and I am grateful to have an amazing array of guests lined up; some of which you probably know, as they are on the front line of their mission as doctors, researchers, authors and experts in their fields. Visit for more details. To stay up to date with my content, follow me on your podcast platform of choice, and subscribe to my Newsletter.

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Thanks so much for having me on Chantal, it was a blast and I so appreciate all your sharing and doing! 🙂

As Always

Wishing You Much

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