Dark Pepper Wine Smoothie Recipe by Alanna Jordan

Unwinding with a “Dark Pepper Wine Smoothie” Recipe Demo from Alanna Jordan aka @naturominta from her new book SMOOTHIES & SPICE and Everything Nice!

Ps the recipe demo starts around 40 minutes in!

This smoothie seriously blew my mind, it tastes like a warming wine, but is cool and super refreshing and satiating. As a bonus it’s made from ingredients that store really well so you can easily have it ready as a backup smoothie when your other fruit is ripening. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

To the Dark Pepper WIne Smoothie Recipe!

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Dark Pepper Wine Smoothie Recipe

For approximately 1 liter / 1-4 servings, blend:

Wild Blueberries, frozen: (3.5 cups / 350 g)
Raisins, dried: (.33 cup / 45 grams)
Water (1.5 cups / 360 ml)
Lime, juiced: juice from 2 limes / 4 Tablespoons
Black Pepper, ground: 3/8 teaspoon

Blend all ingredients until smooth and serve, seriously SO delicious.


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