Easy Sushi Salad Recipe

Today we are going to make a really easy and delicious Sushi Salad Recipe.

I hope you really enjoy this recipe as much as Leo Michele and I did!

Before we get into the recipe I want to share a bit about Nori…

For nearly a decade I avoided nori due to:

Most nori sold in stores technically isn’t vegan & has a fishy taste

There are real heavy metal & radiation concerns with nori

I often felt “off” after eating more than a few sheets of nori

No matter how I tried it was almost impossible to find raw untoasted nori

Because I created my “better than nori” raw vegan sushi sheet recipe…


Check it out for an amazing land plant nori recipe??

But that all changed when I found RawNori.com and their certified; organic, raw, vegan, kosher, rigorously and routinely independently tested nori that tastes amazing and I get zero reaction to!

After really enjoying eating a bunch over a year I contacted them and got a 5% off coupon code to share “chrik5” for all their products, including nori, nut milk / sprouting bags, dehydrator sheets to make wraps rolls, and more!

Their nori is a staple in my kitchen now and makes salad sushi, curry wraps, and wraps, in general, a super tasty meal-enhancing treat that I LOVE and is jam-packed with beneficial nutrients like iodine.

simple sushi salad recipe

Simple Sushi Salad Recipe

4 sheets of Certified Raw Vegan Nori

1/2 head shredded Iceberg dusted with ginger and garlic powder

2 shredded carrots

200 grams arugula

1 avocado and

2 partially dried tomatoes cut in half and dehydrated cut side up at 118* for 4 hours

Ridiculously delicious, and fun to change up with any number of ingredients like; bell peppers, cucumber, mango slices, sprouts, grated radish, and anything else you want to try!

Share this post with a friend that you want to eat this sushi salad recipe with and give RawNori.com a try with my 5% off code “chrik5” for the best raw vegan nori out there.

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