My “Silver Lining” Article in Fruit Powered Digest Autumn 2019 – Winter 2020

I feel so blessed to be a part of the best Natural Health and Raw Vegan Magazine – Fruit Powered Digest!

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In its eighth year of publication, Fruit-Powered Digest is a natural health magazine and the leading raw vegan magazine published and edited by Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter and delivered by email to thousands of subscribers around the world. Launched in October 2012, this free publication covers natural health stories, modalities and figures with a focus on raw vegan content. Quite simply, Fruit-Powered Digest captures the heartbeat of the low-fat raw food diet world and is known as the leading raw vegan magazine.

Get inspired and illuminated with the latest Fruit-Powered Digest issue! 1f642 fruit powered digest greetings autumn 2019 winter 2020

Enjoy 12 incredible, hot-off-the-digital-press stories, which continue to push the boundaries of this magazine. The Digest launched as a straight-up raw vegan magazine in 2012 and quickly morphed into a natural health magazine. It’s examined even broader topics in recent years.

This autumn-winter issue explores climate change and why you should go vegan if you want to save the planet, minimalism, vandwelling, land rights, wanderlust, society, why babies are fussy and why babies would benefit from a special therapy, the proper sitting posture and eliminating and preventing chronic pain, how to be successful on a raw vegan diet, forest bathing and its life and health benefits, finding the silver lining amid major challenges, how to host a wellness retreat and an extraordinary Raw Vegan Transformations package with a woman who reversed chronic eczema and topical steroid withdrawal.

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My most recent article in this edition of the Fruit Powered Digest is called “Silver Lining” outlining my Girlfriend Kamilla and my near fatal motorcycle accident on July 31st 2018 and our most profound insights that have helped us recovery physically, mentally and spiritually in great depth. chris kendall kamilla jonvik silver lining smiling fruit powered

It took digging deep through the last year and a lot more to really dive back into it and share it with everyone. I have found blessings to be found within every situation and this story goes deep into this sentiment. I really hope it brings some insight, strength and a greater sense of ease in all of life’s invariable challenges to you all!

Enjoy my article Here

My section in the magazine is called “Raw Food Lifestyle Simplicity and Fun”

raw food lifestyle simplicity and fun with chris kendall fruit powered

Check out my last 2 articles there 🙂

Also Check out my first article for Fruit Powered Digest in 2013 –  “Chris Kendall is Soaring on a Low Fat Raw Food Diet” 

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Together with Brian Rossiter and the Fruit Powered Digest Team, we have an open letter to the world in here and need your help to deliver it! 1f642

This magazine wouldn’t be possible were it not for the amazing amount of work and passion from Brian Rossiter and the generosity of contributors such as Ken Ilgunas, Barry Gillespie, Don Bennett, Alicia Grant, myself Chris Kendall, Karen Ranzi and Caileigh Feldman, across the natural health, raw vegan, personal development and other communities.
I feel so blessed to be a part of Fruit Powered Digest and really hope you enjoy my and all of the articles in this amazing online raw vegan lifestyle magazine!
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