Raw Vegan Blood tests, oohhh just got my results from my 3rd year getting Blood work as I near 7 years as a 100% low fat raw vegan without the use of supplements or super foods.

Check the video as well as all the info and the actual results as a pdf below, hope you enjoy it tons!!

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TO the Blood work!!

Nearing 7 years as a 100% raw vegan, 3 years of consecutive full spectrum blood tests, I am more than secure in my lifestye. Not that I have had any doubt, my feelings of vitality and wellness ever cycling and growing to higher vibrations loving every minute of it. I feel blessed to have such a awesome MD, Dr Alex, whom has been dillegent in providing me excellent feedback regarding my bloodtests.

If you haven’t seen my last years blood work video blood work results and Charlizes 2nd bday madness” I highly recommend you watch it and feel free to compare values.

To this years blood tests, Raw Vegan Bloodwork after 6.5 Raw Vegan check them out here 🙂

When I went to pick up my blood tests the Doctor there asked “Why do you want them, there is nothing wrong with you” ahaha. Too fun, I mentioned that I wished to share them with my Web sites Raw Vegan Blog watchers, they then made me pay for the printouts ahha.

In comparing my blood work this year with the ones last year, that by the way my Dr told me “This is the best blood work I have ever seen”, there are only slight variations of values. Some areas are on the low end for the average person, some on the high end but that said I have never been looking for a average lifestyle. Its important to note that the rda’s as well as what is considered normal Values in Blood work is highly subjective. That is they are determined off of what the average person needs, or has in the case of blood work, to be in general health. Im not looking for general health, I am only wishing to Thrive!

When one eats a standard diet certain nutrient needs go up, namely alkaline minerals as well as certain antioxidants and vitamins. All that said my needs would be very different than the “average” person, much lower in many regards. That said my test numbers meet the  reference ranges for nutrients tested with these tests and by my Doctors word in the optimal values. Its interesting to note that the number of essential nutrients ever increases, a few decades ago nutritional science indicated we had a few dozen essential nutrients while now we know there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands. Plant food contains much more than we know, but what we do know is fruits and vegetables offer the nutrients we need in the ratios we need them more so than any other food on the planet! In fact Fruits are # 1` in more categories of essential nutrient needs in the ratios we need them than any food, and vegetables come in number two!

One value that this is often talked about in is b12. B12 levels in the general public are unreliable to base averages off of these days as most grain products, many dairy products and other “foods” are sprayed with supplemental b12. What most people don’t know is that this b12 to the greatest extent can be in analogue form. That is in a form that the body recognizes as usable but in reality cant be used by the body. Because of this mix up b12 receptor sites get clogged up by analogue b12 and can result in poor absorption (one of many reasons for this) of active b12. The reality is b12 deficiency is common in all types of diet, regardless of vegan vegetarian pescetarian or omnivore. Absorption is as big or bigger a issue than exposure. 7 years as a raw vegan, no supplements, eating simple often one food at a time when hungry till full has for me not only ensured but been proven optimal.

I am not against supplementing especially if fasting isnt a option as that would be my first protocol and natures truest one. Otherwise when there are clear absorption issues with nutrient need or clear signs of early deficiency there is no need to be dogmatic and abstain from a vegan supplement that can improve your conditions until proper digestion and absorption can be regained. In the end it all comes to us and our needs/preferences in self care. I do maintain a simple hygienic  diet among other hygienic lifestyle factors affords the highest measure of health vitality and exuberance one can obtain!

Spread this video as well as my last years blood work video “blood work results and Charlizes 2nd bday madness to those who wish more proof that a simple raw vegan diet can not only provide all we need to survive but all we need to thrive at our highest potential!

I look forward to continue walk the walk offering myself as example, or as Doug Graham puts it “be the Lighthouse” and for those who need it, Proof.


As Always

Wishing You Much

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