LIVING ON FRUITS FOR 20 YEARS! Fruitarian diet is dangerous? Interviewing Chris Kendall

Blessed to share this in-depth interview “LIVING ON FRUITS FOR 20 YEARS” on my friend Dr. Eduardo Corassa’s Channel,

I hope you enjoy it and find many gems that help you on your path!

In this interview, we go into many topics dipping into my 20 years of experience and Dr. Corassa’s 17+ years with raw food, both of our inspirations, the foly of pure fruitarianism as well as some fine-tuned details that can make all the difference between long term success and lots of trial and error applying a raw vegan lifestyle! I’ve enjoyed connecting with Dr Corassa over the years, we are certainly kindred spirits, and everyone is blessed by all you share!

Dr. Corassa is a Brazilian nutritionist, raw foodist, and natural hygienist for almost two decades! Has published 10 books on health, nutrition, fasting, and natural raw food recipes, 6 online courses, run immersion retreats, an international lecturer with TEDx talks, attend patients online or in person.

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Thanks so much for having me on Eduardo, it is for sure an honor and pleasure. Super excited to collaborate more and as you said co-create some events in Brazil!!

As Always

Wishing You Much

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