How To Build Muscle as a Raw Vegan with Chris Kendall of The Raw Advantage

Excited to share this fun Q&A that Dillon Olias invited me on to his channel for, going into How to Build Muscle as a Raw Vegan and learn to Thrive!

We talk about the benefits and challenges of the calorie model, is supplementing b12 is necessary, how to build muscle as a raw vegan, the importance of exercise, why most raw vegans fail & and so much more.

The Raw Advantage (Chris Kendall) is a 20-year long-term raw vegan and athlete. Chris is big into skateboarding and has an impressive physique and muscle mass on his raw vegan lifestyle. When he met Dr Doug Graham at the start of his journey, he embraced the 80-10-10 lifestyle and has been thriving ever since. He currently lives in a cold climate (Sweden), but he doesn’t use this as an excuse.

About Dillon Olias: I’m a 19-year-old fruitarian from the UK. I’ve been 95% raw vegan for the past 7 months, predominantly eating fruit, especially juicy fruit. I have lived in Spain twice, once when I was 12 for a year and a half, and I also had 8 months in Spain for a football academy from August 2022 until April 2023. I’m currently living in the UK, but I’m looking to travel the world soon and document my fruitarian, spirituality, and potentially my fitness journey. I love to connect with you guys, so please leave a comment or reach out to me via Instagram or email. Maybe I’ll meet you in real life one day, I sure hope so!

how to build muscle as a raw vegan

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0:00 – Intro

7:24 – His height and weight

9:30 – Raw vegan stereotypes

11:50 – How he gained muscle

15:00 – Reasons why people fail on a raw vegan diet

16:30 – How many calories does he eat?

20:10 – Importance of exercise & getting enough calories

24:00 – Fasting, anabolism and catabolism

29:35 – Is the calorie model accurate?

32:00 – Digestion & Nutrient absorption

35:00 – Importance of repeatable results and role models

36:35 – Supplements & B12

47:00 – Vitamin D

48:25 – Tips for colder climates

53:50 – Dates, bananas & staple foods

59:30 – Smoothies, food combining & digestion

1:05:50 – Vacuum blending

1:12:00 – Juices & juicing

1:16:00 – Organic vs conventional

1:24:00 – Seeded vs seedless & hybrids

1:32:10 – Important mindset shift

1:36:00 – Rapid Fire Questions

Thanks so much to Dillon for having me on and for the awesome questions. I really hope you enjoyed this interview, and that it clears up how to build muscle as a raw vegan

and that it helps bring more confidence and ease to your journey as well as extra sweetness!

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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