Raw food, consciousness, psychedelics and more!

So blessed to share this really fun uncensored conversation going into raw food, consciousness, psychedelics, mary jane, lucid dreaming, auras, and more with Yumiko Aya ? and Dendé.

Digging into some less often talked about subjects in this lighthearted interview with Yumi and Dende where I share some shocking revelations.

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– Introduction

– Life before going raw vegan. 2:42

– How did your consciousness evolve after your diet change? 4:28

– Your finance management for sustaining your big lifestyle change at a such young age? 8:29

– Why did you choose to live in Sweden as a raw vegan? 13:51

– Psychedelics/ plant medicine 18:02

– Weed 22:47

– Have your dreams become more vivid after this lifestyle switch? 26:26

– Connection with animals. 31:14

– Fasting on a raw vegan diet. 33:34

– is Mucoid plaque a myth? 37:05

– Experience in fruit festivals. 41:53

– What opportunities has YouTube opened for You? 47:22

– Talking about roadblocks in the journey. 48:44

– Communicating/ connecting with people that are not on the same lifestyle path. 51:15

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consciousness, psychedelics

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