25 Year Raw Vegan Dr Robert Lockhart’s Shares Tips for Anti Aging!

After passing like ships in the night at various festivals, I feel super blessed to have had the opportunity to snag this interview with Dr. Robert Lockhart at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. It was so great to chat with him and get him to share some of his story as well as his top tip for staying youthful and strong.

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At the time of this interview Dr Robert Lockhart was a 30 year raw vegan walking on his hands for 100 yards at 70, a true health pioneer and inspiration! He was raised on a farm in New Zealand and has degrees in Science (Geology), Agriculture (tropical fruit growing), Chiropractic, Naturopathy, a Natural Hygienist and Drugless Physician –  a ‘Disease Avoidance Specialist’.

At the time of his passing Dr Lockhart had been a vegetarian for 50 years and 35 plus years as a raw vegan. For many decades he conducted a busy clinic in Cairns, North Queensland, as well as conducting health and wellness retreats in the Philippines and Australia. He also lectured at many events in the US and Asia.

I feel very blessed to have known and learnt from Dr Lockhart during the time he was with us, his dedication to health, compassion and natural hygiene was second to none.

We will all miss you Robert????

For an amazing tribute post with more info on his passing see the Woodstock Fruit Festival’s blog??

As Always

Wishing You Much

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  1. Doctor Lockhart

    I have adult asthma which started 8 years I am 55 years and currently on two medications any suggestions and how to cure or al least make domain. I would like to get these medications all together. I live in Texas. Thanks George Miller

    1. Blessings George, I have helped a few and met many with ashtma who came to ease with it on a low fat anti inflamitory raw food diet. I would be happy to share anything I can in this reguard, If you wish to get a hold of Dr Lockhart you will need contact him direct on his site 🙂

  2. dr Lockhart i am s 69 year old male mostly vegetarian but i do eat fish. I drink smoothies everyday and lift weights, stretch and walk regarly. I have done for many years. I eat lots of greens and fruit. my problem is i have high blood pressure how is that possible considering my diet and lifestyle. i am on medication and j just Checked my blood pressure and it is high 158 over 110. How is that possible is it heredity or am i doing something wrong. I need help can you assist me.i don’t understand this problem. Please help. peace and justice Bernie

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