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The Hurricanes Aftermath!

It has been a busy flow out in Costa at Finca de Vida this year, my retreat was a blast, video of that soon, and my next one will be around the same time Jan 9th 2013!  this video is from the time in NYC and my home in Saskatoon between The Woodstock Fruit Festival (Sign up now for the 2012 festival, its sure to be amazing amazing amazing!!) and my time with Dr Doug Graham at his 80/10/10 Culinary Skills Week as well as his Health and Fitness Week. Whoa thats a crazy sentence with a few plugs oh my my!!!

Oh double oh my I almost forgot, I am cheffing and helping out with my friend Dr Sam’s retreat here at Finca De Vida in April of this year, check out this link for more info!! Hope to see you here!!

Hope you love love love the video!! 🙂

The vid is a mishmash, hurricanes, squished cars, Bridge skipping, Durian jogging missions, Sweet friends, tomato love, Kendalini yoga in time square, melon gangster parties,  some skateboard action, a epic dance with my niece Charlize and Kendall soup!!! Wow!!!

Hope you love love love it!! 🙂

Much much

As Always

Wishing You Much

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