Maui Wowie part 2!!

Here we have the 2nd half of my amazing trip to Maui with my parents 🙂

Hold on to your hats its a wicked ride!!

This video is a major hodgepodge, I had to convert 2 1/2 hours of footage into 10 minutes!

We start out with my mom eating a epic local organic Williams banana, they are so big n sweet one of my faves, kinda like a super cavendish! From there we dive right into Scenes of the historic Old Fort in Lahaina the first capital and major port in Maui. It was rebuilt out of coral finding need for defence from the surge of ships around 1820.

Maui offers many a whale watching trip, we picked on going out of Lahaina on a sunny but windy day. Being mid April it was near the end of the whale watching season, as the sperm whale move with their just old enough young to colder waters to feed. It was a great adventure seeing the island from off shore, many a whale sighting (I missed a few sorry) and enjoying the sun.

After the Watching we went to a burger joint, I enjoyed a heap of banana’s and ordered a large bowl of lettuce, it was great. We all went to a Amazing Magic show entitled “Kupanaha” featuring the World Renowned illusionists Jody @ Kathleen Baran. Ill admit I wasn’t supposed to film, I grabbed only a tid bit. It was by far the best magic show I have seen and Highly recommend you go if you take a trip to Maui. They also served dinner hooking up tons of fruit and a large salad.

We went to more than a few Local Markets and farmers markets. I found amazing apple bananas, cherimoyas, 3 varieties of Papaya, egg fruit, star apples and much much more. There seems to be a farmers market in every town on a different day. I really enjoyed the one at the sugar cane train station, and in Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center in Kahului. There really are far too many to mention, asking for deals for ripe stuff works 🙂

Playing since early 2000 the Maui theatre presents ” ‘ulaena”, A amazing live performance with stunning visuals and gymnastics going over the history of the island, its people, history, mythology, present and possible future. I quite enjoyed this show, I think you would too 🙂 After the show we hit up a buffet, little did they know they had the raw food buffet destroyer on their hands! I enjoyed 3 plates of honeydew and finished off with a few large salads. I love buffets 🙂

We Moved hotels on the 7th day, a smaller place with breathtaking scenery and a mellower vibe. I really enjoyed it. We had a great spot to snorkel out back n took advantage daily. A quick swim and a ab exercise in the sun felt just right. I show 5 different exercises, best to do each in succession till you feel the burn, when it becomes too much stretch or do a complimentary workout. A few sets and some stretches will get your abs rock hard.

Going over my stash I find I have just enough food for the last 4 1/2 days. Even so we go out to a great Mexican restaurant. Ordering a large salad of romaine, tomato, cabbage n a side of guacamole went over great. I brought my side of pineapple and papaya and dumped it overtop. This was amazing, in fact another customer after seeing my salad from her table tried to order it too ahahha.

Right in the back of our hotel was a great bunch of volcanic rock going out into the ocean forming coral and much amazing sea life. Both on land and swimming there was much to behold, critters, fish, crabs, barnacles and much more.

A quick drive found us on the largest white sand beach in Maui called “Big Beach” After we also went to the only Black sand beach just up the road. Its really amazing, the sand is a reminder of the last lava flow right into the ocean. A turtle was rolling in the waves and we found a few little crabs running on the beach.

A quick stop at a little organic market found me enjoying some fresh coconut water. Young coconut water is one of the most nutritious sports drinks on the planet containing the necessary electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and simple carbs lost in vigorous activity. In the 2nd world war they actually used coconut water intravenously when low on blood, its chemical breakdown is so close to blood its readily absorbed and works well for transfusion.

How could I do post on Maui without sharing their wonderful Papayas? I love papaya, they are a common breakfast here, and with 3 different kinds I enjoyed a sampler breakfast. Solo, strawberry and watermelon papaya all side by side, I really cant tell you which is best, but that morning I enjoyed the watermelon and strawberry most. The seeds are a natural antibiotic and quite peppery to the taste, I do not recommend eating them. Papaya like pineapple contains a natural anti-inflammatory quality useful for after a injury. Again like pineapple both contain protein digesting enzymes and make a good addition to a salad with nuts and seeds.

A quick recipe of papaya and pineapple diced and set in a bowl made from half a papaya is great. Score and scoop the papaya dice some pineapple and squeeze some pineapple skin overtop, whalla! Delicious.

TO finish off I put my Ipod Nano in a ziplock bag and brought it with me on a snorkelling adventure! The view isn’t as colorful as I had with me peepers sorry to say. Both the double bagging and the reality that the corral is damaged by people stepping on it as well as sunscreen were factors. Many people don’t know that most sunscreens have chemicals in them that damage and kill coral in even the most minute dilutions. Its a sad fact but the most public and promoted reefs often get killed from tourist lathering up in lotion then swimming out.

Do some research and if you must, later up after being in the water. I do not recommend sunscreen, most contain horrid chemicals that mimic hormones, clog pores and really actually cause skin problems, cancers and much more. Peep my free ebook “10 sure shot ways to drastically improve your health” for more info on this.

I hope you enjoyed my stay in Maui, I know I did, thanks Mom N Dad, love ya n to all


As Always

Wishing You Much

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