Halloween Treats and Raw Recipes, Delicious Healthy and Vegan

It can be challenging finding healthy vegan halloween treats for the holidays, in this spooky video Kamilla and I share some simple treats as well as two fun raw recipes that are a hit with everyone!

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Now To the Post!

During the halloween season it can be tough if your healthy minded, sure you can opt out and just leave your lights off, or give out stationary and health snacks but you may run the risk of getting your house egged ?

TO avoid this what I have found to be among the best Halloween treats to hand out is Raisins! Most raisins have preservatives or poor quality, sure to be rancid oil on them, Sunmaid raisins are a good price, sun dried and oil / additive free. Perfect for Halloween they also come organic and in small treat sized boxes!

PS I am not sponsored nor a affiliate for Sunmaid haha I just like them ?

The first fun crafty raw vegan treat to make with your kidlings, or put on display and give out if asked is mini Jack-o-lantern oranges / mandarins!

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Watch the video to see the lovely and talented Kamilla Jönvik make a scary cat jack-o-lantern with a mandarin orange!

chris kendall kamilla jonvik silver lining smiling fruit powered

Connect with Kamilla on Instagram Here 🙂

Next in the video I shared my two favourite Scary Monster Raw Vegan Halloween Recipes!

To start we made some spooky fruit eyes by cutting bananas into slices for the eyeballs, green and red grapes as the iris’s, and blueberries as the pupils! Once you layer them together they look really good and stick together quite well. You can also dehydrate the raw vegan eyeballs and use them as horderves or throw them into a smoothie bowl!

We also made some delicious creepy fruit mouths with crooked teeth! Start by taking your favourite red or green organic apples, I love red delicious, gala and golden delicious. Cut them into quarters, from the stem end down (watch the video for your ease) and then core each quarter. Cut a wedge out of the outside rounded edge of the apple to form two lips with a open mouth, the video will help with this detailing. Take raw sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds and press them into the edge of the open mouths in order to make the crooked teeth! If desired slice a thin slit in the back of the “throat” and then thinly slice one strawberry and slide it through the slit to make a “tongue”.

Once you have a two sets of eyes and mouths you can make the two smoothie bowls.

For the first one, take 6 bananas and blend it with as much dark leafy greens as you like, my favorite is 50/50 spinach arugula. Once smooth pour into a bowl and mix in 1 cup of red grapes and or 1/2 cup raisins. Place the red irised eyes and red lipped mouth in the center, a green or red grape for a nose and that’s Monster smoothie bowl number 1!

For the second smoothie bowl blend 6 bananas with a cup of raspberries. Pour the smooth mixture into a bowl with 1 cup of green grapes and some blueberries, mix well. Place the green irised eyes and the green lipped creepy mouth into the bowl and there you have it smoothie bowl monster number 2!

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I hope you really enjoyed the spooky video, the treat ideas and the simple raw vegan recipe ideas for halloween!

Be sure to check out The Raw Advantage Raw Recipes App for IOS and Android, it really can make your raw food lifestyle that much tastier, easier and more convenient!

Wishing you Much 

As Always

Wishing You Much

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