Live in with Steve Berra Week 2!

Been a fast few weeks, got lill backed up here busy with the consult n had to put the videos on the back burner!

All in due time, ill be more prompt with the rest, here is my 2nd week with Steve Berra!

Hope you enjoy!

So this week we start out with the slow process of making a large lunch for everyone!

It is simply a sweet green soup, I made enough for 10 people so here is the basic recipe.

Sweet Green Banana Mango Soup 🙂

4 organic bananas

3 ripe sweet organic mango’s

1/2 – 1 cup raisins (soak half or all over night to re hydrate)

1/2 to 1 head your fave organic tender lettuce.

dice 2 1/2 of the bananas with all of the mango and place in a bowl. Blend lettuce with raisin soak water and remaining banana’s. Mix both hydrated and dry raisins with mango banana mix n pour green “broth” over the whole shebam!

Stir n devour. this recipe is well over 750 cal, I have make it doubled to hit 1300- 1500 cal for my self. You can adjust it to your individual needs and tastes 🙂

enjoy the sweet green power, this meal will leave you full for a good while!

While prepping at the office I get a chance to talk with a legend in skateboarding who also works at the Berrics office Salman Agah! He has been increasing the amount of raw foods in his life n talks on the effects he has noticed. From feeling lighter happier and more energetic to noticing aches and pains mellow and disappear as well as how heavy other foods actually are and the amount of energy they sap from you. Its great spending time with many of the skaters I have grown up watching and looking up to, only a bonus to be able to impact their lives and help them as they have me.

The sweet green soup brought a good crowd of the Berrics office staff. Everyone really liked it and was amazed at how filling and satisfying it was. To finish off the bowl Steve and another one of my favorite skaters Geoff Rowley came to enjoy some of the mix. Both really enjoyed it n I got some fun shots with more legends!

By day 9 Steve felt like treating me to dinner and a movie so we went and checked out a little raw restaurant in Hollywood (right by the arclight and amoeba music) called “Lifefood Organic” and went to the “Arclight”, a top notch theater. Lifefood Organic has a award winning Raw Chili that actually has won 1st prize beating cooked chili’s in a cook off! I must say if you are raw n miss chili (it used to be one of my favorite foods) try this out. It is actually lower in fat than most gourmet raw dishes but is high in spices garlic and onion. If you follow me on the regular you know I am not a big advocate of spices nor garlic and onions for a great many reasons, but do feel they have a place in transition or quite simply for people who aren’t strict with natural hygiene. I myself abstain for the most part but am not anxious about enjoying some while helping Steve.

We also tried a few other dishes which weren’t much of a hit, the Chili is most definitely the main Item. From this experience I got some good ideas to ramp up my own chili recipe to be launched in my upcoming Transitional Recipe ebook. In fact since I have been making more transitional food with my consult that ebook is getting brushed up n added to as the days go on. Watch out it is sure to blow your socks off n help both beginners and raw veterans when and if the times get bumpy.

We have been eating a fair number of mangoes lately, It is important to note these are hot water treated mangoes. Hot water treatment is a process where the mangoes are put in a bath of just under boiling water for at least 30 minutes. This is said to be done to protect against insect eggs and such crossing borders and effecting the agriculture. All mangoes shipped into north America are hot water treated including from Mexico! The only truly fresh mangoes we can get come from California and Florida in season. While some would say they are useless mangoes or cooked, I have actually found them to be decent quality at times if you know what to look for. I buy them already ripe n look for some fragrance and slight softness to the touch.  I have successfully sprouted the seeds of these mangoes n am growing a small tree from one. Personally I enjoy mangoes too much to not have some while I will admit one day I most probably will stick to fresh when I goto the tropics or are around them locally in season.

Day ten brought us much cruising around in the car filming for a DC shoes commercial. With a smoothie in the car, some tom foolery n fun we passed the day well. We ended up in Santa Monica and Steve decided to treat us to another Raw restaurant called “Euphoria Loves Rawvolution!”  As with most raw restaurants serve food with lots of garlic/onion spices, oil, salt, debatable raw and vegan items and are heavy on nuts seeds avo n such not to mention quite expensive. I adhere to promote and recommend a low fat raw vegan diet free of such of these items. Regardless its what you do most of the time that has the biggest effects and I do feel these restaurants fulfill a necessary aspect of transition, socializing, and introducing people to different ways to prepare raw food. We tried a bunch of their specialties ( a little too much) and suffice it to say were left literally drained by the amount of fat found in these foods. Don’t get me wrong some of the dishes were great, but the feeling of being drugged after has little appeal to me and in fact the whole experience lead Steve to realize / know on a body level how much better cleaner eating whole fresh ripe organic fruits and veggies really is.

Its a rare individual who learns from others mistakes or slips right off the bat, most of us need experience them ourselves. Delving into gourmet recipes, consciously and unconsciously trying poor food combinations and even “falling off the wagon” is a common step in applying the raw food lifestyle. It is through these experiences we come to realize/experience sensations on a body mind level more fully which often instills the benefits and joys of simple eating. Both Steve and Daniel experienced a raw “gourmet coma” after the meal and needed some recovery time.

All in time with experience.

Hope you enjoyed this episode, hope to get week 3 and 4 out n catch up!

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for sharing this with us. That part of this post where Berra was imitating your accent and vocabulary had me laughing. I’m Canadian too, so I know what that’s all “aboot” eh. I’m still in the transitional period myself but I feel so much better eating raw fruits and veg. Thanks again for all the info. And thanks to the berrics for linking me to you. Much love.
    P.S. How are those shirts coming along?

    1. Absolutely my pleasure 🙂
      most happy your feeling the benefits of increasing fruit n veg! Tis the best.
      Them there shirts are coming along fine, i got a few prototypes up n on, just waiting to get many made. If your a part of my mailing list you will know first 🙂
      peacelovenseasonalfruit back to u!

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