Raw on the Road

Join Naturally Ashley and I for a “Raw on The Road” Video from early September as we set off from NYC to Niagara and Beyond.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as we share some helpful tips for traveling as a raw foodist.

As things start to get chilly in my neck of the woods, I started thinking about how I kinda miss the heat of the summer… a little.

This summer Ms. Naturally Ashley and I logged around 10,000 miles, driving all across the United States – it was sweet!  Just me, Ashley and Winston and Gabby (Ashley’s two dogs) on the open road!

We met up in Sedona and made our way across the country to Philadelphia and New York stopping at Raw Food Festivals, summits, fruitlucks and meet ups along the way.  From there we headed back towards the Midwest stopping at Niagara Falls, then heading to Chicago.

If you’re wondering, being raw on he road isn’t really too difficult.  We had a vitamix along for the ride which was an awesome luxury!  We were able to whip up some raw chili one night in our hotel and even times when we didn’t have a kitchen or even a hotel room we were able to make due at a roadside rest area (check out the video to see how that worked!).  We were pretty much always able to find decent produce – mango’s, bananas, avocados, bok choy etc.

Truthfully, our biggest headaches came not from trying to eat raw but from car troubles.  We put A LOT of miles on the car and somewhere in the middle of New York, the air conditioning gave out on us.  We didn’t let that slow us down though… just used mother nature’s air conditioning and rolled the windows down. 🙂  What an awesome time!

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