KendallBites.. Final Days at The Farm of Life!

I’m down to my last few days at Finca de Vida in beautiful Costa Rica.  I have had such an amazing time – my awesome friends Brian and Jody Calvi are such awesome hosts!

As you may or may not have heard, I have had some major technical difficulties lately.  I have been in the process of switching web hosts and in the process have LOST 🙁 three quarters of my mailing list!  So bummed about this!!  5 Years of mailing list building *POOF*…. gone.  soooooo – I’m in the process of finding another mailing list host.   I am considering MailChimp or maybe Reachmail.  I’m open to suggestion, so if you know of any awesome mailing list providers PLEASE let me know!!

Along with the technical difficulties I’ve been super busy so I haven’t been able to get as many videos up but do stayed tuned – I’m still going to videos up on topics like Chemtrails, My wrist rehabilitation, Yoga, etc.

Plus!  My latest book is due out very very soon.  More details to come.

It will be available by donation as always – just like 101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes. 🙂


As Always

Wishing You Much

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