I want to share with you a quick little workout that’s sure to get your heart rate up and your metabolism going.  When you’re eating a high carbohydrate diet it’s important to make sure you’re getting exercise, but really it’s super important that we all get some bit of exercise (as you are able).  As I’ve mentioned before the VERY best workout and my very FAVORITE workout is a workout that doesn’t feel like work.  If you are having fun when you are moving and getting your heart rate up then THAT is THE exercise for you!

In addition, you want to make sure you are focusing your activities based on the results you desire. 

If you want to increase muscle mass you need to do intense low rep exercises.

If you want to get lean muscle you need to do moderate high rep exercises.

After we workout I’m bringing you a super delicious holiday treat!  Peep the recipe below the video!

Sweet Candy Cane Drink 🙂
1.25 liters of Hot water (to steep tea)
2 tbsp Organic Mint tea (or triple fresh mint, or 2 drops Mint essential oil) Peppermint or Spearmint
2 tbsp Organic Roobius Chai Tea (or 1tsp organic Cinnamon)
1 lb of dates
Bring the water just near to boiling point, pour over tea in a nice pot and let steep for 7-10 minutes. Pit dates and place in the blender, pour tea over top and blend blend blend. Add more water if needed to get desired consistency. Enjoy big time! 🙂
Aprox. 1400 calories
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