I am excited to reveal some footage from my Seminar/food demo at Agape this summer!

much more too!

enjoy it!

This weeks video blog starts out with a magazine interview I did for SBC or Skateboard Canada on my time with Steve Berra at the Berrics 🙂 It really is pretty awesome, felt quite blessed to get to share with so many people. Within the interview one of Steve/s Favorite smoothies is revealed, The almighty Orange Creamsicle!!!! Quite simply a 50- 50 mix of juiced oranges and honeydew!!

I enjoyed a ton of bike riding this summer among other fun fitness activities such as yoga, spin class as well as yas class’s. Yas is 30 minutes of spin followed by 30 minutes of yoga, and plenty of sweating. This exercise was spawned by Kimberly Fowler, a amazing inspiration of mind over matter healing who has opened 3 “Yas”studios across the LA.

Check them out if in the area they are great! 🙂

Enjoy the semi finals at Street leagues 2nd contest in Ontario California! Crazy stuff went on there, Eric Koston, Nyjah Houston, Chris Cole, Ryan Sheckler, Marc Johnson, P Rod, Brandon Beibel, Pj Ladd, and so many more pulled out their best stuff in the attempts to make it to the finals for the money purse.

Last but definitely not least I bring 5 minutes out of my 80 minute seminar/food demo at Agape in Los Angeles. Agape is a non denominational international spiritual center, the Greek word Agape actually translates to English as Love. I had a blast there and feel truly blessed to have gotten to talk at such a great vibing place. There were many people at the festival as well as many great presenters and booths. My Friend and creator of the Eco chef 10 Minute Raw Recipes app Bryan Au was there too presenting right before me 🙂

I really hope you enjoy the video!


As Always

Wishing You Much

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