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Blessed by this inspired connection with Kartika @expand.love flowing into key aspects of my raw food journey, including:

spirituality, transition, intuitive eating, simple raw foods vs fancier dishes, and much more!

Honored by Kartika’s bright light and the expansive love she pours out, thank you @expand.love for the opportunity to shine n reflect that back to you. I hope you enjoy our conversation and find many sweet n juicy gems that help you along your path.

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Enjoy this excerpt from the video going into Intuitive Eating

To come into balance with the raw food diet, it takes some time to adjust and really learn to listen to yourself. There likely will be times when you want to eat simply, but there will also likely be times when you wish to consume a bit more fat and fancier raw dishes because your body may require it and or you may desire some flexibility. Additionally, remember that sometimes you may wish to speed up the healing process or desire to slow down the detox and or even emotionally numb. It’s not just about focusing on the food, but also on what physical mental, and emotional needs arise in the moment.

I want to mention that every time you talk about this, beautiful thoughts come to mind. I completely agree that intuition is important. However, if your intuition is leading you to chimichangas, it might mean that you’re dealing with residues of old foods. I find it poignant to note that true hunger and intuitive eating are not anxious, urgent, specific, or painful processes. When we feel anxious or have urgent cravings for a particular food and we’re not happy without it, it may indicate something else rather than a genuine intuitive pull toward something that truly nurtures and nourishes us.

It’s beautiful to listen to ourselves and to that hunger that arises from a relaxed state, making our mouths water when we see any fruit or even greens. Our lives light up in those moments. It’s okay if you say you’re hungry and someone suggests apples, but you want french fries and only french fries with an emotional charge behind it instead. That’s appetite, not genuine hunger or intuitive eating. They’re slightly different. This said if a certain food comes up time and time again it may be beneficial to look at the nutritional profile of that food, and if there are some nutrients you are not getting in adequate supply, look to fulfill that with healthier whole foods as it can be a genuine cravings for nutrition. A classic example of this is chocolate, some feel they are intuitively eating when drawn to it, but, in reality, it’s often the magnesium (rich in greens) and or the theobromine jolt.

Everything has its season and reason, and the only constant is change. When we’re on this path, it’s important to respect what our body wants and needs. Sometimes we’re called to consume more fat, while other times we’re called to simplicity or more elaborate meals with friends. Sometimes we’re called to seclusion. Honoring all these processes and letting go of judgment is crucial. We need to let go of the idea that it has to be one way forever because that can hold us back from our desired destination.

Rejecting what our body is seeking or desiring is like pulling on an elastic band that will eventually snap and lead us to more intense experiences. All experiences have merit and their place, but we can be gentler and reduce the intensity of these snapbacks when we align with our shifting seasons, desires, and pulls. Experience with a quality of meditative awareness is the best teacher.

I hope you really enjoy this chat with Kartika, as mentioned in the video this is the second time I have been on her channel, raw food plant medicine spirtuailityCheck out our first interview on Raw Vegan / Fruit diet, Spirituality, and Plant Medicines, it goes pretty deep!

intuitive eating plant medicines

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